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Quick Time Event Spring and plate

Quick Time Event Spring and action pad in Sonic Unleashed.

Blue springs[1] are variants of springs that appear in the day stages of Sonic Unleashed. Like the regular springs, making contact with the blue springs will send Sonic flying through midair. These springs, however, will at the same time initiate a quick time event.


The blue springs look mostly the same as regular springs, but are generally blue with a yellow star on top of them.


Dolphin 2016-03-03 16-04-59-721

A set of blue springs in front of Sonic in the Wii/PS2 version.

When the player jumps onto a blue spring, it makes Sonic fly towards an action pad on a wall. When Sonic lands on said pad, the player then must perform a quick time event by quickly pressing the button that appears on the screen. Should the player complete the quick time event, Sonic will jump to the next action pad, where another quick time event occurs. This continues until Sonic lands safely on the ground.


An action pad in the Xbox 360 version of Sonic Unleashed.

Depending on how fast the player completes the quick time event, the player will earn extra points with a certain exclamatory word. From the quickest to lowest, the player is commented by the following: "GREAT", "COOL" and "NICE". If the player does not complete the quick time event, the player will fall into the lower parts of the stage or, more commonly, into a bottomless pit.

On the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3 version, all action pads for a blue spring besides those marked with a question mark depict the button the player needs to press when standing on them (which is also shown on the screen during the quick time event). The action pads on the Wii/PlayStation 2, however, are blank.


  • Despite being blue, these springs should not to be confused with exclusive blue springs in Knuckles' Chaotix, that bounces the player higher than yellow and red springs in general.

The blue spring's pad as in the demo of Sonic Generations.

  • On the first version of the Sonic Generations demo, the blue spring (along with its pads) appeared in Green Hill just before the player's start. However, they were removed from later versions of that demo.
    • Similarly, Sonic Colors also had a leftover model for the action pads.



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