For the sled game gimmick, see Bobsled, or for the similar gimmick from Sonic Generations, see Cart.

The Bobsled (ボブスレー・トロッコ Bobusurē torokko?, lit. "Bobsleigh Truck") is a gimmick that appears in Sonic Heroes. It is a type of vehicle used to travel certain sections of the stages.


Bobsleds allow extremely quick transportation through stages, although they can only be used at certain points and cannot be used anywhere else. They are found in Seaside Hill. Before hopping in, it is seen standing on the Dash Panel, as it does not move anywhere until the speed-type of character has started to gain speed behind the vehicle.

During the ride, each character in the team will grant an ability for the bobsled, such as maneuvering, jumping or accelerate to a great speed. Once the the bobsled makes contact with an obstacle, one of these abilities will be lost, eventually leaving the Flight character, allowing the Bobsled to only jump. Taking three hits while on the bobsled will cause it to crash, which counts as a life lost so the player will have to start over the stage again. Completing a bobsled course awards the player with a Power Core to the character who was the team leader before the ride. The trolley which is the haunted version of the bobsled is found in Mystic Mansion in certain areas. Their controls are identical to that of the bobsled but it mainly moves along a rail.

Each type allows an ability to the bobsled:

  • Speed - Makes it accelerate (if it hits anything, usually Speed types fall off first; it will slow down if so).
  • Power - Allows it to steer (if the character falls off, the player will have great difficulty to maneuver the bobsled).
  • Flight - Allows it to jump (the last character to fall off; if so, the player will lose a life).

2P Battle

Main article: Bobsled Race

Bobsleds are the main gimmick used in Bobsled Race like a racing car in the 2P Play of Sonic Heroes.


  • The characters never mention what will happen if Power Type character falls off. However, they explain what will happen if Fly Type character falls off which is useless, because Fly Type characters are the last to die.


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