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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
First appearance

"Cracking Knuckles"

in other media

Sonic X (comic)

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Andrew Rannells

voice actor(s)

Yumiko Kobayashi

Biographical overview

Dr. Eggman


Messenger Robo

Physical description

None (referred to as male)


50 cm (1' 8")


20 kg (43 lbs)





  • Grey belt with yellow 'M'
  • White gloves
Alignment and character traits
Favorite Food

Cakes and pies

  • Annoying others
  • Anything sweet
  • Cream the Rabbit (his secret crush)
  • His idea of "funny"
  • Eggman
  • Messing with Decoe and Bocoe
  • Ella's cooking
  • Delivering messages with bombs in them
  • Oil
  • The joke being on him
  • Vegetables
  • Decoe
  • Bocoe
  • Rouge blackmailing him
  • Eggman being mean to him
Powers and abilities
  • Flight
  • High physical strength

Bokkun (ボックン?), also known as Messenger Robo (メッセンジャーロボ Messenjā Robo?) in the Japanese version, is a character from the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics. He is employed by Dr. Eggman to send messages to Sonic that come in the form of explosive TVs. Bokkun gets mistreated and cries very easily, due to Eggman and others always teasing or hurting him.




Bokkun was apparently built at some point by Eggman to serve as a messenger, delivering exploding television sets to the intended recipients. He once called upon the Egg Golem during the Shadow Saga. Early, in the series' third season, Bokkun is forced to help Rouge the Bat, who blackmails him with his locket contained a picture of Cream, threatening to show everyone the picture of Cream, whom Bokkun has a crush on.


Bokkun is very childish and loves explosions and desserts. He is slightly sadistic and loves to pull pranks. His job is as a messenger robot, but he does not appreciate and loves to complain a lot. Bokkun often tries to get Decoe and Bocoe to be his subordinates, which they have not ever got along with.

Bokkun has a boiling point temper. Despite his loyalty to Eggman however, he sometimes puts his own needs and desires above his job. For instance, he sometimes delivers messages for the Sonic crew in exchange for pastries or helps Rouge in an attempt to steal a Chaos Emerald so she doesn't spill his secret. When embarrassed or angry, Bokkun will begin to yell "Baka", the Japanese equivalent of 'stupid' or 'idiot'.

Bokkun seems to be a bit of a black sheep among his fellow robots. On a few instances he interacts with Decoe and Bocoe as though they were his friends, but generally, he's rude to them and tries to make them angry.

In the comics, Bokkun turns power crazy and delusional when he has too much sugar, taking on the identity of "The Cape". Eggman had to get the help of Sonic to stop him from trying to take over the world and in the end he had to pin Bokkun down until he crashed and fell asleep.

Powers and abilities

Bokkun can fly using a jet-pack (possibly bolted to his back). He has also very high physical strength as he was able to heavily injure Black Narcissus with a single punch.


Doctor Eggman

Bokkun is very loyal to Eggman, whom he treats like a father or creator. Bokkun sometimes appears to be Eggman's favorite of the trio, as he has complimented Bokkun several times and rarely ever seems mad at him. In the English version of the episode about volcanoes, Eggman even sides with Bokkun (he'd claimed that he might get eaten by a snake if Eggman sent him) and sends Decoe and Bocoe to find food instead.

Cream the Rabbit

In the Japanese version, Bokkun has a long-standing crush on Cream the Rabbit as evidenced by a picture of her inside a heart-shaped locket he possesses.[1]


  • In episode 67 of Sonic X, "Teasing Time", Bokkun yelled "Bokkun Kick!" in English and in the Japanese version, despite being called "Messenger Robo" in that version. Although this can easily be explained as Bokkun is his real name and Messenger Robo is only his title as one of Eggman's workers, as his Eyecatch card may imply.
    • Also in the Japanese version of episode 49 when Chris calls him Messenger Robo he angrily replies, "I told you my name is Bokkun!"
  • The M on Bokkun's belt could possibly stand for Messenger Robo, although it is never stated as such.
  • His gender was confirmed in English and Japanese dub of episode 45, where Amy called Bokkun "he".
  • It is unknown if Bokkun is a robot, anthro, or a mixture of both as he shows all ranges of emotions including a romantic interest in Cream the Rabbit, eats all kinds of food and drinks water. In the Japanese version, he also gets angry when anyone other than Eggman calls him Messenger Robo by correcting them and saying that his name is Bokkun.
  • Bokkun activates the Egg Golem in Sonic X episode 36, due to the rest of the villains being on the ARK at the time. In Sonic Adventure 2, Eggman is the one who activates Egg Golem.
  • Bokkun can be summoned by Bocoe and Decoe's "Bokkun Beacon". This is only used In episode 49 when Chris asks them to take him to Eggman. However, in episode 75, Eggman uses another way to activate Bokkun's eyes as an emergency signal.


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