This character exists primarily or exclusively within the SatAM continuity.
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Bomber-One is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series. It is a Buzz-Bomber unit that served as the leader of the Buzz-Bomber swarms and operated directly under the orders of Dr. Robotnik.


The Bomber-One is a very sinister-looking robot based on a wasp or a similar species, with a yellow and black-striped color scheme. It has a jet-lined head with fins on its forehead, a wide mouth with sharp teeth and needle-like mandibles, two antennas, and green eyes with blood red sclera. It also possesses a round thorax, and large striped abdomen with a red stinger. On its back it has two long sets of insectoid wings and two black engines with a pointy exhaust.


When Tails was detected in the Great Forest, Bomber-One was sent by Dr. Robotnik to capture him in an attempt to flush out Sonic the Hedgehog. It worked, but when Bomber-One tried shooting Sonic, it shot itself down when its laser rebounded back on it as it ricocheted off a rock.[1]

Bomber-One was soon up again to lead the Buzz-Bomber swarms to the Great Forest and destroy it with a chemical weapon, only to get attacked by Sonic. Bomber-One tried using its Hedgehog Missile on Sonic, but the hedgehog led the missile back at the swarm, costing them the chemical weapon. As Bomber-One turned its attention to Sonic, it was pelted by water balloons from the Freedom Figthers that short-circuited it into retreat.[1]

Powers and abilities

Bomber-One is capable of flight, and can shoot red lasers from its stinger. The stinger itself is quite sharp.[1]


Bomber-One is not waterproof, meaning that dowsing it with water will short-circuit it. While it is not enough to destroy Bomber-One, it will temporarily disorient it and leave it vulnerable.[1]


  • Bomber-One is the only Buzz-Bomber to be given a designated name.


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