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Bonus Stages in Sonic Mania are special areas that the player can visit separate from the main game. Bonus Stages can be entered by passing a Star Post when carrying at least twenty-five Rings, which will create a Star Circle above the post. Jumping into this circle will take the player to the Bonus Stage.

The Bonus Stage plays identically to the Special Stages of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Sonic & Knuckles and Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, as well as the secret bonus game "Blue Sphere".


Bonus Stages in Sonic Mania take place on the surface of a spherical planet that is dotted with several objects. The ground pattern is a checkerboard-esque design that changes color with each stage.


Upon starting, the playable character is placed onto a spherical planet. Moving forward initiates the character's movements, and once moving, they will run continuously. The playable character will always travel along the lines that divide the checkerboard pattern on the ground, turning at 90-degree angles. Being spheres, the stages will wrap around as the playable characters move across them (meaning eventually, if a character walks in one direction without turning, they will return to their point of origin). The only ability the playable characters have in these stages is the Spin Jump, which will send them forward the distance of one square (or two spheres).

The line "Get Blue Spheres" will appear when the stage starts and sums up the central objective: the player has to run through all blue spheres found in the stage. Spread across the globe are several objects, most crucially being the blue spheres. Collecting all the blue spheres is the primary goal of the Bonus Stage. Whenever a blue sphere is touched, the counter in the upper left will decrease and the blue sphere will become a red sphere. When every blue sphere is collected, all remaining objects on the globe will fly off. Silver Medallions will be awarded to players who complete the Bonus Stage successfully.[1]

Rings also appear in the Bonus Stage. They act as a supplementary goal to collecting the blue spheres. Like the versions of the stages that appear in Blue Sphere, the Ring counter decreases with each Ring collected, similar to the sphere counter. Rings can either appear in the open or can be made to appear by enclosing at least one blue sphere inside a perimeter of red spheres. Doing so will transform the entire group of spheres into Rings and give the player credit for all the transformed blue spheres. Completing a Bonus Stage with both all the blue Spheres and Rings possible will award a Gold Medallion instead of a Silver.

The longer the player takes to complete the Bonus Stage, the speed at which the character runs will increase (as will the music), which raises the danger of encountering a red sphere.


Blue Sphere Obtainable spheres in the Bonus Stages which the player must collect all of to clear the stage. When the player gets the blue sphere, it turns into a red sphere. When the player obtains all blue spheres from the edges of large blue sphere groups, they turn into Rings.
Red Sphere The most common sphere in the Bonus Stages, which the player should avoid. Touching any red sphere will take the player out of the Bonus Stage immediately, which is considered failure. They can be avoided by jumping over them or moving around them.
Yellow Sphere If the player runs into one of these, they will vault the playable character forward a distance of five spheres.
Bumper When the player touches these spheres, they will bounce them backwards, causing the playable character to run in the opposite direction from which they were hit.
Ring Can be found in different places. Collecting all blue spheres from the edges of large blue sphere groups will also turn each blue sphere there into a Ring. Collecting every Ring in a Bonus Stage will result in a "Perfect" for the stage.

Bonus Stage information

No. Amount of collectibles
Blue Spheres Rings
1 127 111
2 118 80
3 76 61
4 37 54


  • At least three Bonus Stage layouts is directly taken from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and two Bonus Stage layouts from Sonic & Knuckles Special Stage layouts.
  • One stage reuses the basic layout of a Sonic & Knuckles Special Stage (the Green Emerald stage) but adds several spheres in a stairstep pattern to the map that were not present in the original design.

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Name Artist Length Music Track
Bonus Stage Tee Lopes 4:01
Sonic Mania OST - Blue Spheres ~Bonus Stage~



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