The Breeze (ブリーズ Burīzu?) is Amy Rose's racing car that she is seen using in Sonic Drift games.


The Breeze in the Sonic Drift games is blue and yellow colored, which appears to be possibly anthropomorphic, as it appears to have have eyes in its headlights and mouth in the lower side of the bumper. Driving seat on Breeze is brown and dark green. It is possible that the Breeze is modeled and loosely based on real-life's Rover Cabrio, as it features flexibly operating roof for open or enclosed mode driving at back.

In Sonic R, a similar car appears with a red paint job, although it is depicted as a regular inanimate car unlike the Sonic Drift artwork. In Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, it was much later replaced by the Pink Cabriolet.

Game appearances

Sonic Drift

The Breeze first appears in Sonic Drift as Amy's car. Breeze has a good acceleration, but unfortunately has a poor speed. Amy Rose can use "Heart Attack" as special power to decreases the speed of her competitors.

Driver Machine Special Power Picture
Amy Rose Breeze Heart Attack Amy with car

Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld

The Breeze along with other three characters' vehicles from Sonic Drift are being used in "Car Race" minigame in Sonic the Hedgehog's Gameworld, as the Breeze is Amy's racing car. The player has to race around the circular track at one-lap kart race.

Sonic Drift 2

The Breeze returns in Sonic Drift 2 as Amy's car and operates exactly the same way as it did in Sonic Drift. Amy also can throw hearts which only reverse the controls of rivals to slow them down, similar way as the Heart Attack.

Driver Vehicles Special Power Picture
Amy Rose Breeze

The ability to summon and throw small Hearts onto the track, which don't do damage, but greatly slow down and reverse the controls of any racer that drives into them.

Amy 43

Sonic R

Amy uses a similar looking buggy in Sonic R, although it is colored red and has no signs of anthropomorphism. Like in previous games, it has slow speed, but can also hover over water, as some others has to walk underwater. The car has actually ability to boost with the highest possible speed.