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For the character in Sonic Unleashed, see Brenda.

Brenda (ブレンダ Burenda?) is a character of Sonic the Hedgehog serialized manga published by Shogakukan. She is the wife of Paulie and mother of Nikki and Anita. Like most others, she is unaware of that her mild-mannered son is in fact the alter-ego of the heroic Sonic the Hedgehog.


Brenda is anthropomorphic hedgehog with royal yellow fur. She also has eyelashes, a green bow on the top of her head and bangs similar to her son Nikki's. She wears pink earrings like her daughter Anita and a red dress. In the cast picture of Sonic the Hedgehog Book, Brenda is also seen wearing a white frilly skirt and slingbacks.



First meeting of Brenda and Paulie.

Brenda met her husband Paulie due to Sonic's heroism, when Sonic made Paulie's crashing jet to land close to her home. The pair got married and had two children, Nikki and Anita.[1]



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