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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Archie Comics continuity.
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Bride of the Endless Reach

The Bride of the Endless Reach is the leader of the Gossamer Clan.


Siding with the Dominion

Following the murder of the Bride of Rich Nights and the Yagyu Clan being taken over by Regina Ferrum, Endless Reach and the other Clan leaders were deceived into believing their rival clans had joined the Iron Dominion.  Fearing this would result in the destruction of her clan, she, along with the Bride of Conquering Storm and Bride of Constant Vigil, swore allegiance to the Iron Dominion.

Changing Loyalities

Endless Reach quickly learned through her ninja spies of the arrival of Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Monkey Khan, and Sally Acorn to Stormtop Village. She dispatched ninjas from her clan to capture the latter three, as she wished to guarantee that they could speak. When she finally met the heroes face-to-face, she recognized Sally as the princess of the former Kingdom of Acorn, which caused her to ask about Uma Arachnis. Sally explained the fate of Uma and her children, the Arachne. Upon learning of this, Endless Reach, while explaining that she grieved for the losses, nonetheless rejoiced, as the destruction of the sword meant that the fates of Uma and her children had been "fulfilled," saying "As it was spun, so it has been done!" Sensing confusion from Sonic and the others, she went on to show them the Web of Fate while explaining its powers. When Monkey Khan criticized her for not sharing the Web of Fate, she coldly replied that it was woven by the Gossamer Clan's first Bride and was theirs alone, not something to be shared with the rest of the land, adding that it could not be used for "base" day-to-day readings, but rather that it explains of key moments to come - not the path to reach them. As the debate began to heat up, Sally interjected, saying that if the web doesn't direct how to get to its goals, it may be worth it to take a longer route if it ensures peace; she pointed out that the clan had already lost Uma and six children who never saw their homeland, something that visibly hurt Endless Reach. She nonetheless was wary about aligning with anyone else, not wanting to end up in a situation with Monkey Khan ruling the Four Houses in Regina Ferrum's place. Khan, however, insisted that he only wanted peace for the land, giving his word of honor on the matter, and said that for that to come to pass, this clan would have to make the first gesture. Endless Reach consulted the Web of Fate, and eventually came to the conclusion that while it would be hard, such a path would eventually result in peace and prosperity for all. With that, she declared that the Gossamer Clan would reject the Iron Dominion, adding that she would be keeping an eye on Khan's progress.

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