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The Build-it Box[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is one of Miles "Tails" Prower's inventions that (after an upgrade) can manifest digital entities in the real world.



The Build-it Box consists of gray frames arranged in the shape of a tall box. This framework has brown covering on each of its corners. On one side is a yellow computer terminal, and on top of the framework is a bendable grey bar with yellow joints. Connecting its terminal and bar is a white tube. The device itself is as well connected to Tails' laptop.

Features and abilities

The Build-it Box has the ability to materialize three-dimensional manifestations of digital entities. This can include video game characters, objects like weapons or robots, and computer viruses. For digital lifeforms like Nominatus, this machine allows them to travel into and exist in the real world. Conversely, the machine can de-materialize its manifestations and return them to cyberspace. The entire device is controlled by Tails' laptop.[1]

To make its manifestations more manageable, the Build-it Box has a file-size throttle that adjusts the physical size of the digital entities its materialize. In the case of Ms. Tomatopotamus for example, the machine can materialize a kitty-sized version of this hippo-proportioned character. Disabling the throttle causes all of its manifestation to assume normal size however.[1]


TV series

Season two

Created by Tails, the Build-it Box got an upgrade that let it manifest digital entities, which Tails showed to his team by manifesting a miniaturized Ms. Tomatopotamus. Nominatus soon after hacked the Build-it Box and used it to bring himself, Beta and Retro into the real world. However, since the machine's size throttle shrunk the trio when they manifested, the trio would disable this feature. However, this also enlarged Ms. Tomatopotamus, alerting Team Sonic. Nominatus then stole the Build-it Box and began materializing his army and weapons with it, only to get stopped by Team Sonic and Dr. Eggman. Retaking his Build-it Box, Tails used it to return Nominatus' army to cyberspace. He also re-enabled its size throttle to shrink Nominatus and his minions.[1]


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