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Heroes Bullet Train

The Bull Train is a train in the Rail Canyon and Bullet Station stages in Sonic Heroes.


Bull Trains constantly roam the tracks in these stages. Unlike Rhinoliners from the same levels, Bull Trains do not have weapons and will not actively try to harm the players, but can cause damage if they collide or if the player touches the fiery top of the train. They are also much larger than Rhino Trains, travelling on two-three rails rather than one and they cannot be destroyed.

Appearances in other media

Sonic 258-3

Archie Comics

An exact train in appearance to the Bull Train appeared in the Sonic The Hedgehog 258 published by the Archie Comics. It appeared as the Doctor Eggman's train where he imprisoned Uncle Chuck and Professor Pickle and Sonic and the Freedom Fighter takes it as their job to free the Chuck and Professor Pickle from the train.


  • In Super Hard Mode of Rail Canyon, one Bull Train can strangely ride over a gap without rails though this may be intentional to increase the difficulty.
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