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— Bunnie Rabbot

Bunnie Rabbot is one of the main characters in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is an anthropomorphic rabbit (though partially robotic) and a member of the Knothole Freedom Fighters.

Concept and creation

In an early prototype design made during the early development of Sonic SatAM, Bunny was drawn with a Disney-esque stylization and was organic from the waist up.[1] She was later drawn to be organic only her head, with all the other parts of her body replaced with a robotic suit.[2] These prototype designs were ultimately scrapped, however.

In the earlier scripts, Bunnie was in love with Rotor.[3] This is not directly referenced in the final show, though Bunnie is seen dancing with Rotor during the show's intro sequence.


Little is revealed about her past, other than she had been friends with the other team members since childhood.

Bunnie is seen only twice in her de-roboticized form during the TV series; in the episode "Sonic Conversion" a de-roboticizer is tested on her and is successful, although the effects are only temporary, and she returns to her previous state later in the same episode. The two-part episode "Blast to the Past" features Bunnie as a child, prior to her transformation. Sonic time travels back in time, and rescues Bunnie from being turned into a robot earlier in history. Although his efforts ensure that the Freedom Fighters still exist in the present and that their nanny Rosie is safe, Bunnie remains half-roboticized.

Game appearances

Sonic Spinball

In Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball, Bunnie makes a cameo appearance in the Trapped Alive Bonus Stage.


Powers and abilities

Bunnie's main asset is her tremendous strength afforded by her robotic limbs, having demonstrated enough power to knock her opponents down with a single punch or kick. Additionally, her legs are telescopic, allowing her to extend them over a greater range (referred to as "leg ladders" and "ladder legs"). She is also an expert in hand-to-hand combat.


Although Bunnie's metal half works flawlessly for the most part, they are prove to malfunction; her telescopic legs has cause her several problems in the past and her and Antoine was once able to pull her robotic arm off her shoulder.


  • The series does not detail how or when Bunnie became partially roboticized although an unused storyboard from the series indicates that such an origin was originally in the works. In a sketched out but unfinished opening for the show, there is a miniature origin tale where Sally disables the roboticizer whilst Bunny is in it, but the machine malfunctions and half roboticizes her anyway before being rescued (sketch seen in the 2007 DVD release bonus features).
  • Bunnie was intended to be a playable character in the planned Sega Genesis game Sonic Mars, which would incorporate characters and elements from the Sonic the Hedgehog TV series. In one of the scripts, it was stated Bunnie's gameplay would focus on using her extending arm to grab various objects and a victory animation with Sonic was drawn. However, when the project was changed to Sonic X-treme (which was later cancelled), Bunnie, along with the other TV show elements, was dropped from the game.

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