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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Quotation1 It all ends here, old friend. Prepare to be destroyed by Burnbot! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, "The Sidekick"

Burnbot is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is robot created by Dr. Eggman to destroy Sonic. Its name is somewhat of a misnomer, as it was not originally designed with any flame-related weapons.


TV series

Season one

Burnbot was first summoned by Dr. Eggman to fight Sonic. Once Sonic had finished noting the misleading nature of its name, Burnbot chased him until Tails showed up in the Tornado and helped counterattack with the Speeding Swing Surprise. Getting back up, Burnbot pierced the Tornado's wing, causing Tails to crash; Sonic retaliated by loosening a boulder, which crushed Burnbot. Burnbot was then picked up by Eggman with his Eggmobile and flown away. Later, when Eggman raced Tails in their aircraft in an attempt to eliminate both him and Sonic, he picked up Burnbot, who made Tails crash into a frozen lake, where it faced both Sonic and Tails. Using its new flamethrowers, Burnbot made the duo fall into the lake, but they quickly got out and knocked Burnbot into the lake.[2]

Burnbot as Judgebot

Burnbot posing as "Judge Bot."

Burnbot later reappeared in Dr. Eggman's lair where it was used by Sonic, who had switched bodies with Eggman, to battle Eggman until they could switch back.[3] Infiltrating the local courthouse, Burnbot posed as "Judge Bot" when Eggman sued Sonic to ensure Eggman's victory in the following trial. Serving as the judge, Burnbot almost declared Sonic guilty, but was stopped by Amy who exposed Eggman's scam.[1] Later on, Burnbot was taken over by the virus Nominatus when he infected Eggman's systems for the purpose of destroying all life forms. By a fluke, Burnbot was deployed to battle Team Sonic by Orbot and Cubot when they entered cyberspace to stop Nominatus. As the heroes held it off, Burnbot shut down once Nominatus was destroyed.[4]

Burnbot later came with Eggman to the Valley of the Cubots to destroy the Cubot prototypes where it fought Sonic and Tails. Due to Cubot messing up Eggman's controls, Burnbot went rampant, allowing Sonic to tie it up with its own arms. When Eggman retreated, Burnbot was left behind.[5] Another time, Burnbot joined a mission Eggman sponsored to remove Knuckles as the host of the Comedy Chimp Show, as a part of a sponsor deal with Comedy Chimp (during which Burnbot advertised Eggman Industries). There, it briefly fought Sonic, but soon retreated with its master.[6] To later avoid being evicted for housing robots, Burnbot was disguised as a lamp by Eggman during the Archipelago Homeowners Association's visit to his lair.[7]

Archie Comics

Burnbot Archie Comics

Burnbot in the Archie Comics.

Burnbot was called into action by Dr. Eggman to attack the villagers at the Eggtoberfest when Eggman could not earn their trust. After wrecking havoc, it assaulted Knuckles, only to be beaten by the echidna with one punch.[8]

Game appearances

Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom

In Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom, Burnbot makes a small appearance on the High Score menu and during gameplay.

Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice


Burnbot in Bot Racing into Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice

In Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, Burnbot makes an appearance in the Bot Racing minigame, where Dr. Eggman has it race against Sonic with Ragnium powering it.


While mostly silent and single-minded, Burnbot is capable of speech and seemingly possesses a personality of its own. It shows a dislike of cockroaches, impatience, and an affection for dance parties, though it remains unquestioningly dedicated to Eggman's orders.[1] As per its programming though, it will only obey orders after being threatened.[3]

Powers and abilities

Burnbot is one of Eggman's most versatile creations. It can move at super speeds comparable to Sonic's when he causes a sonic boom with perfect mobility,[2][5] and is capable of rocket-powered flight.[4] It is equipped with a pair of large claws for hands, which are both powerful enough to pierce metal and can transform into sawblades. It is also able to extend its forearms over long distances for long-ranged attack and then reel them back in.[2]

Burnbot can fire small laser beams from numerous places on its body, including its hands, the two cannon on its chest and even its eyes.[3][4][2][5] Following its first battle, Dr. Eggman equipped Burnbot's chest cannons with flamethrowers, allowing it to shoot flames hot enough to make an large area of a frozen lake crack instantly.[2]


  • Power source: Lithium-ion[1]


Dr. Eggman

Burnbot holds absolute loyalty to Dr. Eggman, favoring him above all others and considers him a great man for creating him.[1]




  • Burnbot is the first of Dr. Eggman's robots to debut in the Sonic Boom television series.
  • Before Sonic and Burnbot fought against each other, Sonic suggested other names for it, such as "Clawbot," "The Lacerator" and "Pinch-a-tron 9000."[2]
  • Burnbot bears a resemblance to the Egg Dragoon.
  • A variant of Burnbot was originally going to be in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric as a training enemy, but was scrapped in the end.[9]


Concept artwork



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