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Burst Dash
Blaze using Burst Dash
Statistics and overview
First appearance

Sonic Rush

Other appearances

Sonic Rush Adventure


Blaze the Cat


Dashes forward spinning while blasting through enemies.

The Burst Dash (バーストダッシュ Bāsutodasshu?) is one of Blaze the Cat's signature moves. It first appeared in Sonic Rush and later reappeared in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is Blaze's version of Sonic the Hedgehog's famous Spin Dash technique. When used, Blaze charges up fire at her feet to send her off as a fiery tornado at high speed.



Blaze charging the Burst Dash.

The performance of the Burst Dash is strikingly similar to the Spin Dash. When performing the Burst Dash, Blaze crouches down and starts charging fire at her feet using her pyrokinesis to build up speed and momentum. Once charged, Blaze will release the charge and dashes forward at high speed while executing a fire-enveloped top spin, thus turning her into a destructive mini-tornado of fire. This allows Blaze to attack enemies, break through walls or dash up steep slopes without having to build up running momentum. The duration of the Burst Dash is not as long as a Spin Dash though. Unlike the Spin Dash, Blaze is still vulnerable to enemy contact while charging up the move.

To perform Burst Dash in gameplay, the player must hold down the down button on the Controlpadds Control Pad and pressing WiiDSA/DSB at the same time. The player then has to release the down button launch the Burst Dash. To build up speed for the Burst Dash, the player has to repeatedly press the WiiDSA/DSB before releasing the down button.

Sonic Rush Adventure

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