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"Cabin Fever" is the fiftieth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 31 August 2015 in France and on 31 October 2015 in the United States.


The gang decides to ride out a storm at Amy's house. Things spiral out of control when they discover Amy's play, portraying her all friends.







Team Sonic is at the beach making sandcastles, except for Amy, who is judging them. Just then, a thunderstorm approaches, and the team goes to Amy's House since Sonic's Shack is not up to code. While there, Amy serves food, and the team play games and do arts & crafts. However, during arts & crafts, the team make a big mess, and after cleaning up, are forced to sit on the couch and do nothing until the storm passes.

Bored, Sonic starts looking around until he finds a manuscript named "A Rose Without Thorns", written by Amy. Interested, Sonic begins reading it, drawing the others into the story. They discover that it is a story based on all of them, including Amy, which tells about the lovely charismatic and super popular "Annie Rose" (Amy), the egomaniacal "Sonar" (Sonic), the dimwitted and easily distracted "Shoulders" (Knuckles), the naïve and cowering "Taylor" (Tails) and the crazy-eyed "Twigs" (Sticks). Just then, Amy enters and is furious to discover that they have read her private property, but Sonic and the others are equally furious at Amy about the characterizations Amy made of them in her manuscript. Amy denies it, but Sticks proves it by showing Knuckles' similarity with Shoulders, making him distracted by a shiny thing. Eventually, the entire team begins arguing over their character traits, coming to the conclusion that they should go their separate ways. Amy leaves, and the team splits for the rest of the storm.

Each member of Team Sonic builds their own private fort inside the house. Tails comes over to Sonic and tells him he wants to watch TV while offering Sonic a necklace made of paperclips. While the two watch TV, Amy refuses Knuckles's offer of a blanket so he can pass and use the refrigerator, so Knuckles turns on the air conditioner to make it cold inside. Sonic and Tails walk back to Tails' fort, only to find that Sticks has taken residence in it. The three then head to Knuckles' fort since he has taken all the blankets. Knuckles refuses, and Sonic urges Sticks and Tails to fight back. A pillow fight then ensues, with Amy's House getting covered in feathers, and the forts are all destroyed in the crossfire. Finally, the storm passes, and Sonic asks if Amy wants to leave with them now that things have cleared up, but Amy, fed up with how her friends have acted inconsiderate toward her throughout the day, rebukes them before storming off, having to smash her door down with her hammer. The rest of the team, realizing their horrible behavior and beginning to believe her manuscript was not as bad as they made it out to be, then decide to apologize to Amy in their own special way.

At night, Sonic takes a blindfolded Amy into the Village Center, where Team Sonic perform Amy's play as their counterparts with townspeople in attendance and Dave the Intern playing the role of Annie Rose. When the play ends, the crowd applauds and Amy comes onstage to say thanks. However, another storm comes, and on Sonic's suggestion, everyone rushes off to Amy's house, much to her annoyance.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Comme des lions en cage Like Lions in a Cage
Italian Una rosa senza spine A rose without thorns
Finnish Mökkikuumetta Cabin fever
Polish Jak przetrwać burzę How to survive a storm
Russian Дружеские разногласия Friendly disaggreement



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