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Cabin Fever (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Cabin Fever."

[Scene: Amy's House, surrounded by rain]

[Sonic is bored on the couch.]
Sonic: Uh! There's got to be something fun to do around here. [opens a drawer and discovers a hand bound manuscript.] Huh? [picks up the manuscript from the drawer.] Well well well. "A Rose Without Thorns" a play in three acts and guess who wrote it...
Knuckles: Me?!
Sonic: No, not you, Amy!
Knuckles: Oh…
Sonic: *cough* "An empty stool sits under a spot light as the lovely, charismatic and super popular, Annie Rose appears from the curtain and pours herself a glass of lemonade."
Sticks: [snatches the manuscript from Sonic.] "’Twas years since I first met the mysterious stranger, the one with the fur, the colour of the ocean." Who do we know with ocean coloured fur?
Knuckles: Me?
Sonic: Well, it can’t be me though I am mysterious, I'm more of a royal blue. [takes the script from Sticks and reads from it.] "Sonar enters, pitter pattering across the stage in his scarlet loafers. Sonar: *cough* 'Hey Annie! I'm gonna play volley ball. I only play against myself because nobody else can keep up.'" See! He doesn't sound anything like me! He’s an egomaniac without the incredible awesomeness to back it up.
Sticks: [takes the script] "Thump, thump, thump, a knock at the door like the sound of some one big and strong, but unable to figure out a simple doorknob. Annie Rose sautés to the door and answers revealing Shoulders, the hulking dullard of a farm hand."
Knuckles: Me…?
Sticks: "Shoulders strides towards Annie but is distracted by a shiny object."
Knuckles: It doesn't say that! [snatches the script from Sticks] Give it there! [is distracted by the shiny metal bands held by the manuscript.] Wait. What was I about to do?
Tails: [takes the script from Knuckles.] "But before Annie can reply, a naïve young fox named Taylor enters, cowering beneath the legs of Sonar." Hey! I don't cower! [Thunder strikes, Tails cowers the lightning and hides beneath Sonic's legs.] Curse you, irony!
Sticks: [takes the script from Tails] "Just when all hope is lost, enter Twigs the crazy eyed feral badger. ‘Miss Annie, the robot apocalypse is nigh! I intercepted a transmission from my toaster!'" This is just ridiculous! Everyone knows when the roboapocalypse arrives, it's the can openers that would transmit signals! Toaster.
[A metal tray hits the floor. Amy stares nearby and dropped the tray of pop opers. She is furious.]
Amy: What. Are. You. DOING! You're reading my play! That's an invasion of my privacy!
[Sticks gives the script back to Sonic]
Sonic: We have a right to read it since we happen to be all the characters!
Amy: It's not based on you guys!
Sticks: Oh No? [holds up a shiny object in front of Knuckles.]
Knuckles: Ooh, gimme, gimme, gimme!" [comes running after the shiny object and takes it from Sticks.] Oh, like Twigs isn’t exactly like you!
Sticks: She’d be wiped out by the roboapocalypse in two seconds, taking advice form toasters! Can you believe these people?
Tails: Guys, stop fighting! Right, Sonic?
Knuckles: Was that you talking, “Taylor”? I couldn’t see you in Sonic’s shadow!
Sonic: *smirks* Good one, Knux!
Tails: At least I’m not an egomaniac, “Sonar”!
Sonic: That character wasn’t like me at all! He was nearly as awesome as I am!
Amy: You know what’s not awesome? Rummaging through my drawers and reading my personal manuscript!
Knuckles: When this storm blows over maybe we should all go our separate ways!
Amy: Why wait? I’m going to the kitchen, where I will make and consume all the dainty horderves I want! WITHOUT KETCHUP! [snatches the script from Sonic and walks off.]
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks all together: FINE!

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