Quotation1 The solution to your thirst. Shake it for volatile results. Quotation2
— In-game description

Canned Juice, or usually called Soda, is one of the consumables that appears in Sonic Unleashed. It is a drink that can be shaken to produce volatile results, that can soak the user if without care. However in-game it can only be consumed.


A can on carbonated juice. The flavour of which is unknown. The can is yellow with the word "SOFT DRINK" printed on it in green.


Quotation1 This water's all sweet and fizzy! It's kinda invigorating! Quotation2
— Chip, after drinking canned juice.

It can be purchased for fourty Rings at various Shops such as Golden Trading Company, Surfside Seagull Sundries and Josef's. It can be given to Chip to contribute to the "BFF's" or to Sonic for the "Hungry Hungry Hedgehog" Achievements/Trophies. When consumed by Sonic, it gives him ten Exp.