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Cannon's Core

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You may be looking for the Sonic Generations version of this level.

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Sonic Adventure 2
Cannon's Core

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Sonic Adventure 2
Cannon's Core

Cannon's Core
Rouge in Cannon's Core
Appearances and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2

Other appearances

Inside the ARK

Stage theme(s)
Previous stage

Final Rush
Final Chase

Playable characters
(story mode)
Level number

17 (Hero Story)
15 (Dark Story) (Final Level)

Number of acts




Boss fight


Cannon's Core is the final stage of Sonic Adventure 2.


In this stage, all the characters (with the exception of Shadow) work together to get the Master Emerald to the Core of the ARK. First, Tails and Eggman must destroy the security doors to let the others reach the chamber above the Eclipse Cannon. Next, Rouge must drain the liquid from the Core so Knuckles can open the final security door. As Knuckles, the player must swim to the switch and push it to let Sonic proceed to the core. Afterwards, Sonic and Knuckles reach the Core together, only to find the Ultimate Lifeform's prototype, Biolizard. Shadow, influenced by Amy, volunteers to destroy it while Sonic and Knuckles reach the altar. This level features switches that freeze time, which are useful for they can also freeze the clock for an easy A rank, and can be used infinitely. The switches also freeze waterfalls, acid pits, enemies, moving blocks fast-flowing water and also deactivates lasers, so they can be walked on or through; however, the switches only last about 10 seconds, and a beep will start to sound. When the beeping repeats much more quickly, the effects are about to end, so the player must be careful.


  • Throughout the level, Eggman relays commands to the playable characters on how to access the core, with the exception of Eggman's segment of the level (for obvious reasons), where Tails instead relays commands to Eggman.
  • If the player does certain actions in the stage during each secton, it's possible to permanently freeze the clock for the entire duration of the stage (without having to use the freeze switches) on Rouge, Knuckles and Sonic's sections which is most likely a glitch.



Sonic Adventure 2 - Cannon's Core(08:20)
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