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This character exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic X continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Captain Westwood

Captain Westwood is an officer of GUN and Topaz's commanding officer in the Sonic X comics published by Archie Comics.

Captain Westwood is jealous at Topaz and Rouge because they always get better assignments than him. He attempts on numerous occasions to make them look incompetent so that the President won't trust them again. He is sometimes referred to as "Cowboy".


Captain Westwood first appears in the seventh issue of the series. In it, he learns alongside the President of the United Federation, Rouge, and Topaz of a secret bunker underneath Station Square that was suspected of being Eggman-affiliated. Although he wanted to undergo the mission, Topaz and Rouge were chosen over him, leaving him bitter, which he specifically blames Rouge for his being left out. However, he later ended up getting an idea after receiving a report regarding an unidentified object buried underneath the desert, and decided to use this to rope Sonic into working with him as a partner. During their mission, Westwood requests for him to join GUN. Although Sonic considered the opportunity, he decided against it due to it meaning spending less time with his friend, Christopher Thorndyke, although he does agree to aiding them as a neutral entity if needs be. Eventually, they discover the object to be a giant robot, with it activating instantly. Westwood, motivated largely by wanting a promotion, told Sonic to neutralize the robot with little damage. However, Sonic deduced Westwood had lied to him, and instead buried it underneath the desert again, and ran off, although not before telling Westwood that he won't work with someone he cannot trust and that he should "get a hide from [Westwood's] friends, if he has any."

Largely because of this, in issues 8 and 9, Westwood developed a grudge against the blue hedgehog for the humiliating end to the mission, blaming him, alongside Topaz and Rouge, for his problems. He eventually tried to get them to abort a later mission in Paris regarding an Eggman hideout, in a not-so-subtle attempt to make them look incompetent to the president, but they ignored the order.

He doesn't appear until Issues 12-14, in a story arc that acted as a continuation of the previous story arc. After the robot discovered by Westwood and Sonic earlier was discovered again, it was taken to Area 99 to be studied. Westwood then roped in Sonic's friend, Miles "Tails" Prower, to study the robot while claiming credit for finding it. He secretly planned to use the robot to discredit Rouge and Topaz, although the plan went haywire after the robot went on a rampage and destroyed much of Station Square. Despite this, however, he saw an opportunity when Sonic and Tails were suspected for the disaster and arrested them. However, their names were eventually cleared.

In Issue 18, where he alongside Sonic, Knuckles and G.U.N. attempt to capture and arrest Rouge for thefts that she apparently committed. He eventually used a stun net on Rouge after luring her to the opening of a large Chaos Emerald discovered in Alaska. However, after it was discovered that she had actually been framed by Dr. Eggman via a robotic duplicate, he presumably acquitted her and apologized for the misunderstanding.


  • Captain Westwood bears a strong resemblance to Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series, including constantly wearing sunglasses, possessing a slicked-back hairstyle, and having an athletic build. Another similarity is that Wesker was also a Captain of a paramilitary police force at one point in the series (Westwood: G.U.N.; Wesker: S.T.A.R.S.) that worked for his own agenda. Archie Comics' characterization of him had furthered these similarities by giving him blond hair.
    • Coincidentally, Sonic's current voice actor starting with Sonic Colors, Roger Craig Smith, had also voiced Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, who acted as the arch-nemesis of Albert Wesker in the former game. In addition, in his first appearance in Archie Comics, Captain Westwood also acted as the partner and commanding officer to Sonic the Hedgehog for a mission, only to ultimately betray Sonic's trust, similar to Wesker and Redfield in the first Resident Evil.
  • Westwood also bears a resemblance to a background character in Sonic X referred to as the "Commander" by Topaz, who is likely the base of the character. The only design difference is that the character in Sonic X had purple hair, while Westwood's is blond.
  • Westwood is referred to as "Commander" in his introduction episode by Topaz.
  • In the comics, there is a likelihood that he is a suspect of the Organizer in many aspects:
    • Westwood has some hatred towards his fellow agents, Topaz and Rouge the Bat for always being assigned in better missions than the ones he gets, and these missions usually involve Sonic or Doctor Eggman.
    • The Organizer's silhouette perfectly fits Westwood's in a sense. Both are commonly seen with sunglasses and the head shape suggests that their hairstyles are similar, if not the same.
    • S.O.N.I.C.X. has access to several of G.U.N.'s robots and arsenal, but this might also be due to Card Passer and/or Howard Watcher's previous connections with the agency.

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