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Captain Whisker and Johnny are the bosses of Pirates' Island. The player fights both pirate robots at the same time as either Sonic the Hedgehog or Blaze the Cat.


The battle arena has four rows of platforms including the ground. Johnny's attacks include tilting his head on and charging at the player. Whisker's attacks include a ground pound that emits a shockwave upon landing which can be avoided by jumping, shooting his arms off like rockets that arc around and return to him and breathing out a powerful blast of flames that could stretch up to the entire platform range. The player can damage either Whisker or Johnny by simply jumping into them with Spin Jump/Axel Jump.

If Whisker stands still and blocks the player's attacks while Johnny charges towards Whisker, Whisker will toss him with a lot of force that he accelerates around the arena at high speeds. A spin of any sort is required to repel this. In addition to these devastating attacks, the player must be careful that the a spiked wheel will sweep along the stage at fast speeds. The player should take the fight to the upper platforms but after sometime the spiked wheel will make its way to the top as well. In normal difficulty, two rows each with a spiked wheel will be affected at the same time. The fight ends once the player depletes the health gauges of both Whisker and Johnny.

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