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A double tennis match in Carnival Park.

Carnival Park is a tennis court featured in Sega Superstars Tennis and the signature court of Samba de Amigo. It is based on Carnival Town from the video game Samba de Amigo.


Set on the rooftop plaza in an old spanish-mexican town, cacti people and mariachi players are watching the match from the sidelines while Bingo and Bongo (the bear mechas) are playing the drums. Chumba and Wumba (the cheetahs) are set at the sides of the net playing music. Party confetti and balloons also appear everywhere during the match.


  • Singles Match: vs Amigo
  • Tournament Doubles: Player & Amigo vs Sonic & Amy


  • The court has its own unique sun, one with a big smile and sunglasses, and which spin around in the sky.
  • Chumba and Wumba doubles appear within the carnival.


SEGA Superstars Tennis - Carnival Park00:16

SEGA Superstars Tennis - Carnival Park