Carrie the Coypu is a character from Sonic the Hedgehog in the Fourth Dimension.


Carrie is large, standing several centimetres taller than the others, with powerful limbs and big buck teeth for gnawing. Her tail is long and thin and she has long, sharp claws. Sonic compares her to a large rat, with longer claws.

Carrie has an etched copyright symbol © on the bottom of her foot (similar to the label saying "Copyright © Robotnik Industries" that appears on all the rocks in the Brown Hill Zone).[1]


When Doctor Robotnik changed history, replacing the Green Hill Zone with the Brown Hill Zone, Carrie the Coypu appeared as one of Sonic's group of friends instead of Porker Lewis.

In the new timeline, Carrie had lived in the Brown Hill Zone for years (longer than Tails), and she and Tails were engaged to be married. She was quite clingy, calling Tails her "sugar plumpkin" and insisting that everyone else call him "Miles Prower" instead of Tails. She also didn't like Tails going on adventures and disliked Sonic for this reason.[1]

After Sonic ran off, looking for Robotnik and a way to find out and fix what had happened, Carrie began acting strangely. She took Tails to a strange cave and threw him into a circle of grey nothingness ringed by green light, sending him into the Fourth Dimension.[2]


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