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Casino Night
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Appearances and Overview
Game appearances

Sonic Generations
(Nintendo 3DS version)


A sparkling casino city filled with pinball machines.


West Side Island

Stage theme(s)

Amusement theme

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Playable characters
(story mode)

Sonic the Hedgehog (Classic and Modern)

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Boss fight

Metal Sonic

Casino Night (カジノナイト Kajinonaito?) is the second Stage in the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. It represents Sonic the Hedgehog 2 in the Classic era of the game.


Classic Sonic's stage features the slot machines from the original level while Modern Sonic's stage has giant roulettes (which can award 50 or 100 rings if you land in the Ring or Sonic logo respectively.) Modern Sonic also has his own version of the slot machines, as well as some other gimmicks that were present in Casino Street Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I. The Classic remix adds a new baseline to the them, while the Modern remix has a distinctly Jazzy theme reminiscent of settings such as Las Vegas.

Metal Sonic is the boss of the stage fought by Classic Sonic.


Act 1

  • Perfection: Clear Casino Night in 2:30.00 without taking damage!
  • Ring Collector: Collect 100 rings in Casino Night in 2:00.00!
  • Keep The Pace: Grab Time Items and clear Casino Night in time!
  • Rampage!: Defeat 5 Enemies in Casino Night in 2:00.00!
  • Special Trial: Collect 100 Rings in Casino Night in 4:00.00!

Act 2

  • Die-Hard: Clear Casino Night in 3:00.00 without losing a life!
  • Ring Collector: Collect 100 rings in Casino Night in 5:00.00!
  • Keep the Pace: Grab Time Items and clear Casino Night in time!
  • Rampage!: Defeat 10 enemies in Casino Night in 2:30.00!
  • Stealth Attack: Clear the stage in 4:00.00 without defeating enemies!
  • Item Collector: Get all Item Boxes in Casino Night in 0:30.00!
  • Special Trial: Clear 15 Drop Targets in Casino Night in 6:00.00!


Act 1

  • 0:00.00 - 1:25.00 S Rank
  • 1:25.01 - 1:35.00 A Rank
  • 1:35.01 - 1:50.00 B Rank
  • 1:50.01 - 2:05.00 C Rank
  • 2:05.01 - 9:59.99 D Rank

Act 2

  • 0:00.00 - 1:25.00 S Rank
  • 1:25.01 - 2:15.00 A Rank
  • 2:15.01 - 3:05.00 B Rank
  • 3:05.01 - 3:55.00 C Rank
  • 3:55.01 - 9:59.99 D Rank

Metal Sonic Rival Battle

  • 0:00.00 - 1:05.00 S Rank
  • 1:05.01 - 1:15.00 A Rank
  • 1:15.01 - 1:30.00 B Rank
  • 1:30.01 - 1:45.00 C Rank
  • 1:45.01 - 9:59.99 D Rank

Casino Night (Console/PC version)

SonicGen bonusLG

Casino Night in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

Casino Night is a DLC stage for the console version of Sonic Generations and is an adaptation of the level Casino Night Zone seen in Sonic the Hedgehog 2. This stage is a DLC stage given out as a pre-order bonus for pre-ordering the console versions of Sonic Generations at GameStop, and is less of a stage and more of a Pinball minigame (similar to the one from Sonic Adventure), unlike the handheld version, which features this zone as a full stage in place of Chemical Plant on the console system.

The DLC was also available for those who downloaded the Steam version on 26 December 2011 for USD $1.59, GBP £0.99, EUR €1.59 or AUD $2.99.

Although Big the Cat does not appear in this game besides his trophy, he makes a small cameo to the left of the pole entitled Miles "Tails" Prower. The XboxX/PSSquareButton feature differentiates between the two Sonics; Modern Sonic gets his usual boost, whereas Classic Sonic is given three Spin Dashes.

The same music will play regardless of which Sonic is being used, and is the same as the Modern Casino Night from the 3DS version.


  • This is one of only two stages in Sonic Generations to be in both versions (on the console version it's only a pinball minigame), the other being Green Hill.
  • There is a giant "Eggman Wheel" Sonic can ride in, like the ones in Casino Park in Sonic Heroes.
  • The music for the 3DS Act 2 is the exact same as the music that plays during the Casino Night minigame on the console version.
  • This is one of the two city levels in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations. The other being Radical Highway.
    • They also are the only stages that take place in the night.
  • It is possible to max out the ring count (999 rings) on the 3DS version's act 2.
  • Metal Sonic's battle layout is similar to the original Sonic CD battles on Stardust Speedway.
  • This is the only level in the Classic Era where the Modern act doesn't end with a 3D scripted event.
    • This is also the only level that is not a "hill" level, as well as being the only city level of the era.
  • This is one of the 4 levels of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations that have appeared previously on a handheld game. The others are Green Hill, Water Palace and Tropical Resort.
  • Although Metal Sonic was never present in the original Casino Night, he was present on its Sonic Drift 2 reincarnation.
  • Act 1 has the same layout to Sonic the Hedgehog 2's Casino Night Act 1.
  • This is the only stage in the 3DS version that doesn't start out with Modern Sonic running.
  • Act 1's music is a slight remix of the original,and Act 2 is more of a sleazy,mid-dawn-feeling remix.
  • The Pinball table version score maxes out at 999,999 points.




Sonic Generations 3DS - Classic Casino Night01:37

Sonic Generations 3DS - Classic Casino Night

Sonic Generations 3DS - Modern Casino Night01:51

Sonic Generations 3DS - Modern Casino Night

Sonic Generations 3DS - Special Stage 201:35

Sonic Generations 3DS - Special Stage 2

Sonic Generations 3DS - Metal Sonic01:17

Sonic Generations 3DS - Metal Sonic

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