This character exists primarily or exclusively within the SatAM continuity.
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The Caterkiller[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. It is a mass-produced caterpillar-based robot designed by Dr. Robotnik to safeguard Robotropolis.


Caterkillers are purple robotic caterpillars with bodies comprised of orbs. They have large jaws that are adorned with yellow teeth and similarly colored antennae.


Unlike most of Dr. Robotnik's other creations, Caterkillers display sentience, mocking the doctor's enemies for their failures and shortcomings.[1]


When Tails and several other of his friends got caught by Dr. Robotnik, Sonic was teased by a Caterkiller about his inability to save Tails, even if he managed to save his other friends.[1]


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