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Catweazle is a white bird who flies around the Floating Island's countryside.


He was an acquaintance of Knuckles when Echidnaopolis was still concealed in the pocket zone by Hawking's invention. When Hunter was rampaging on the Floating Island, he shot and killed a female bird friend of Catweazle named Snowpidgeon. Catweazle went on to warn Knuckles in his lair about Hunter. He was last seen with General Stryker and the other exiled dingoes in the Sandopolis Desert. He also appeared in a flashback when Knuckles and Vector first met.


Catweazle is somewhat of a friend, but more often than not was a thorn in Knuckles' side. He had a knack for showing up whenever Knuckles wanted to be alone. Writer Ian Flynn surmises Catweazle as a sarcastic "loud-mouth" and thinks of him as "the rude neighbor down the hall. He can be pleasant enough, and if there's a problem he comes to the landlord (Knuckles), but he's a jerk in general."[1]



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