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Chao 3DS Theme

Quotation1 Enjoy the "Chao Garden" track in this blue-theme, filled with 7 cute Chao. Scroll the touch screen to change the Chao's expression. Quotation2
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The Chao 3DS Theme is a theme for the Nintendo 3DS home screen that is based on the Chao. Both screens are in shades of light blue with a pair of Chao eyes on the bottom screen with pictures of different expressions on the top screen. The music is the Chao Garden music, opening from sleep mode now plays a clip of a chao talking. The Folders are blue with a small lighter blue Chao icon in the bottom right corner. The theme is $1.99 by itself or $5.99 in a bundle with Sonic the Hedgehog 3DS Theme, Amy Rose 3DS Theme, and Shadow the Hedgehog 3DS Theme.


  • This is the only solo character 3DS Theme to not be based on a hedgehog.
    • Because of this it is the only 3DS Theme to not have a hedgehog in it at all.

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