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Chao adventure 2

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Chao Adventure 2 is the VMU mini-game that comes in Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast and is accessed by transferring a Chao from the Chao Garden to the Virtual Memory Unit (VMU). When Sonic Adventure 2 was re-released on the Nintendo GameCube, Chao Adventure 2 was replaced with connectivity to the Tiny Chao Garden in the Sonic Advance series.


This mini-game is filled with training, which will build up a Chao's speed and strength, so it can then be used to earn Emblems in Sonic Adventure 2. This game is very similar to Chao Adventure, but contains more activities, such as a Chao battle mode. Like the first game, this one still has collectible items and Chao can still be bred by connecting two VMU units together.

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