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Chao Bounce

Chao Bounce in Sonic Advance 2.

Chao Bounce is a mini game in the Tiny Chao Garden for Sonic Advance 2.


In Chao Bounce, the player controls Cream the Rabbit, who is equipped with a Launcher Spring. The spring is used to launch Cheese into the air in an attempt to collect the Rings located above. The Rings can be used to purchase goodies in the Tiny Chao Garden that can be given to the Chao there. Cream can launch Cheese higher by pressing GameboyA as Cheese approaches the spring. The player will lose if Cheese hits the ground. When all of the player's lives are lost, a game over will take place.

Balloons act as obstacles, changing the speed and direction of Cheese if he comes into contact with them.


Sonic Advance 2

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