The Chao Container (チャオコンテナ Chao Kontena?),[1] also called the Chao Box,[2] is an object that appears in Sonic Adventure 2. It is a variant of the Container which holds unique contents inside it.


The Chao Container shares many qualities with that of the Container, including its basic cuboid shape. However, the Chao Container is light blue and appear metallic (akin to the steel containers) with eyeless Chao face on each side, except the top side which has waving lines. Unlike the steel container though, it can be destroyed with any attack without Level Up Items.

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The third Chao Container that holds the Unicorn after being destroyed.

In gameplay, each Stage hold three Chao Containers, with the exception of Green Hill, which only has one. Chao Containers can be hidden behind wooden containers, in the cover of secret platforms, etc. As per their purpose, they contain items that are released when they are broken, each holding a specific item depending on the order in which they are broken in:

  • First container: One Chao Key which transports the player to the Chao World at the end of the Stage.
  • Second Container: Four non-rare Animals of random species
  • Third container: One copy of the Stage's designated rare small animal (imaginary category).

It should be noted that if a player dies before opening all three Chao Containers, they only need to open the containers they have not already opened to get the contents of the second and third containers.

List of unique AnimalsEdit

Here is a list of all of the unique animals in the third Chao Container:

Hero StoryEdit

Stage Animal
City Escape Unicorn
Wild Canyon Dragon
Prison Lane Unicorn
Metal Harbor Phoenix
Green Forest Half Fish
Pumpkin Hill Half Fish
Mission Street Phoenix
Aquatic Mine Dragon
Hidden Base Half Fish
Pyramid Cave Skeleton Dog
Death Chamber Skeleton Dog
Eternal Engine Dragon
Meteor Herd Phoenix
Crazy Gadget Phoenix
Final Rush Dragon

Dark StoryEdit

Stage Animal
Iron Gate Dragon
Dry Lagoon Unicorn
Sand Ocean Skeleton Dog
Radical Highway Unicorn
Egg Quarters Half Fish
Lost Colony Skeleton Dog
Weapons Bed Phoenix
Security Hall Phoenix
White Jungle Dragon
Sky Rail Phoenix
Mad Space Phoenix
Cosmic Wall Unicorn
Final Chase Phoenix

References Edit

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