Chao hats are items of headwear that can be worn by Chao in the Chao Garden. These hats only appear in Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Adventure DX: Director's Cut and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. Most Chao hats are available at the Black Market, though a few can be obtained through other methods.

Hats obtained from the Chao Garden

  • Skull hat: A skull that can be dug up from the Dark Garden.
  • Pumpkin hat: A carved pumpkin that can be dug up from the Neutral/Hero Garden.
  • Chao Egg hat: One half of an eggshell, left behind by a newly-hatched Chao.

Hats available at the Black Market

  • Apple hat: An apple with eye holes cut out.
  • Watermelon hat: A watermelon with a happy face carved into it.
  • Box hat: A cardboard box.
  • Wool hat: A hat made of wool, available in three colors: black with gray stripes, blue with turquoise stripes and red with yellow stripes.
  • Can hat: An empty fruit can.
  • Pot hat: A reddish-brown flower pot.
  • Bag hat: A brown grocery bag.
  • Bucket hat: A gray, worn-out bucket.


  • If a Chao trips, or if it is thrown, its hat may randomly fall off. On rare occasions, however, hitting the Chao may not cause the hat to come off.
  • Due to graphical issues, an object that was intended to function as a Chao hat (the pacifier) was left out of the games.
  • A Chao's appearance can also be modified by giving it a skeleton dog.