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Chao Key

Chao Key

The Chao Key is an item that appears in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.


The Chao Key resembles a normal key, albeit blue and the top resembles a neutral Chao head, complete with a yellow ball. In the center of the "head" is a small image of a Neutral Chao's face.


Chao Keys are crucial to entering Chao World, as the player has to collect one as each character and take it to the end of the stage to unlock every character to play as in Chao World. Chao Keys can be obtained from Chao Container which are hidden in nearly every Stage. These Containers will keep yielding Chao Keys until the player collects it, where it will remain in the player's possession, even if the character loses a life, until the Stage is completed. When collected, a Chao icon will appear in the upper left side of the screen.


  • The two stages in the game where Chao Keys cannot be obtained at are the driving stages, Route 101 and Route 280.


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