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Chao Walker
Chao 3
The Chao Walker is the Chao's battle force.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic Adventure

Other appearances

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle


Neutral Chao




A battle walker created by Tails for the Chao.

Chao Walker is a battle suit used by a Neutral Chao in Sonic Adventure 2's multi-player mode. The suit was built for Chao by Tails for unknown reasons. Chao Walker was an unlockable character in Sonic Adventure 2. It returned in the enhanced port Sonic Adventure 2: Battle as a starting character in the multiplayer mode. In the GameCube version, a Dark Chao Walker replaces Big the Cat from the Dreamcast version; it is said to be built by Dr. Eggman for Dark Chao.

In Battle

In battle, it is the weakest of all the walkers. It has the lowest attack and the lowest defense level. It however is the fastest walker unless Tails is wearing his Tornado 1 costume in which he will be faster, and it takes half as many rings to charge a Special Attack, ten then twenty, then thirty.

Its Special Attacks are lacking as well: It shoots one less round of both Homing Missiles and the Rocket Launchers, but its Laser Blaster lasts roughly twenty-five percent longer than Tails and Eggman's.

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