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Quotation1 You know nothing, fool! It's Chaos, the god of destruction! Quotation2
Dr. Eggman, Sonic Adventure
Chr ch0
Chaos 0, the creature's first form.
First appearance

Sonic Adventure

in other media
Biographical overview


  • God of Destruction
  • Guardian God of the Chao
  • Liquid chaos energy
  • Monster
  • "Big Drip" (by Sonic)


Physical description

Mutated Chao/Deity


None (referred to as male)






Emerald green

Alignment and character traits


Powers and abilities
Moves and techniques

Chaos (カオス Kaosu?) is the main antagonist of the video game Sonic Adventure for the Sega Dreamcast. Chaos is an immortal, ageless, god-like creature that seems to be composed entirely of water (coincidentally, Sonic has a weakness of water), but is also said to be concentrated Chaos Emerald energy. It was trapped inside the Master Emerald for thousands of years before being released by Dr. Eggman in a plot to conquer the world. Chaos was also the original guardian of the Chaos Emeralds, Chao and the Master Emerald. In Sonic Adventure, Chaos absorbed the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds to attain its final and strongest form, Perfect Chaos.

Despite the fact that its main appearances were in two main series games, Chaos has become one of the most popular Sonic characters and has ranked as #9 in an official poll, sitting between Metal Sonic in eighth place and Rouge in tenth.[1]



SA1 PerfChaosMural

The ancient carving of Chaos as the forbidden prophecy.

Chaos was originally a normal Chao, but prolonged exposure to the energy of the Chaos Emeralds caused it to mutate into a strange water-like creature. It used its new powers to guarantee clean water around the altar of the Master Emerald, and to protect its fellow Chao. However, about 4,000 years ago, the leader of the Echidna tribe, Pachacamac, attempted to steal the Emeralds for use against his enemies. Tikal, his daughter, resented this idea, worrying that it would upset Chaos and it would bring wrath to them, but Pachacamac did not want to hear it. His warriors stormed the shrine, where the Emeralds reside. Many Chao and Tikal were injured in the process. Chaos, in a fit of rage, absorbed the negative power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, and transformed into Perfect Chaos. As a result, it became a massive water creature. Floods destroyed the civilization, and Chaos avenged the Chao. Tikal linked her consciousness with Chaos' via a prayer, and sealed them both into the Master Emerald. It is probably from this point in history that the Emeralds were called "Chaos Emeralds".

Sonic Adventure

Chaos lay dormant in the Master Emerald for thousands of years until Dr. Eggman, having read ancient tablets describing the fall of the Echidnas and Chaos, released it by shattering the Master Emerald. Chaos swears to follow Doctor Eggman as it knows that he can get the Chaos Emeralds back for it. Sonic the Hedgehog eventually encountered Chaos as it was attacking a building and several Police officers, and easily defeated it. Because of its appearance, Sonic initially referred to it as "big drip."[2]

Eventually, Eggman's plans, as always, fell through at the hands of Sonic and his friends. Chaos abandoned Dr. Eggman, destroying the Egg Carrier in the process, and collected the Chaos Emeralds itself. Once they were in its possession, it absorbed the negative powers of the Emeralds once again and transformed into Perfect Chaos to destroy Station Square in a rage. Having only taken the negative energy, Chaos discarded the remnants of the Chaos Emeralds. This proved to be the means to Perfect Chaos's downfall as Sonic absorbed the positive energy of the Chaos Emeralds and transformed into Super Sonic, eventually defeating it and in the process, its evil mindset was returned to its regular state and turned back into Chaos 0. Tikal then approached Chaos, and together they disappeared in a flash of light.

Sonic Adventure 2

In Sonic Adventure 2, Chaos is a playable character in the multiplayer treasure hunt mode, unlocked in the Dreamcast version by getting A Ranks in all of Rouge the Bat's missions, and available at the start of the GameCube version. Strangely enough, Chaos has the ability to glide and dig in the same way as Knuckles and Rouge, but this could just be for the treasure-hunting purpose only. He moves slower than the other characters, but his special attacks hit harder with longer-lasting effects. Its brain isn't visible though.

Sonic Heroes

Chaos did not appear in Sonic Heroes, but was mentioned in two lines, at the ending of Team Rose's story, when Froggy and Chocola are rescued, Metal Sonic says: "Chaos data...has been copied." At the final story, where Dr. Eggman says, "It's hopeless! Metal Sonic has combined your data with the power of Chaos and is super strong!" He copied Chaos' data from Big's frog, Froggy, since he was "possessed" by Chaos's tail, along with Chocola the Chao, since all Chao have some kind of relation with Chaos.

Sonic Battle

Chaos battle giant

Chaos as it appears in Sonic Battle.

Chaos' next appearance is in Sonic Battle, in which Knuckles the Echidna claims that Chaos appears when there is an upcoming disaster. When Dr. Eggman threatens the Earth with his Death Egg in the final story, a nearby volcanic crater is flooded, and Chaos emerges. It can then be challenged by the player. Chaos is the strongest playable character in the game (minus Emerl as he is customizable), but also by far the slowest.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Chaos did not appear in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, but played a significant part in the game's backstory. It was mentioned that because Chaos caused the destruction of the Knuckles Clan, it allowed the Nocturnus Clan to reign supreme in the ancient world, before they were drawn into the Twilight Cage, as it had wiped out the Nocturnus Clan's most prominent opponent. It was also mentioned in one line, when Knuckles realized that Shade was an echidna. Here, he revealed that Perfect Chaos flooded an ancient city and killed several hundred echidnas that resided there.

Sonic Generations


Perfect Chaos in Sonic Generations.

Perfect Chaos reappears as the iconic boss of the Dreamcast era in Sonic Generations. Its appearance was alluded to by the ESRB and was confirmed by an Xbox 360 achievement icon and on 6 October 2011, a Modern Era trailer confirmed his appearance.

Sonic fights Perfect Chaos without his Super State, relying on boosts and Homing Attacks to defeat the creature.

Its appearance differs greatly from Sonic Adventure: Chaos appears to have darker reptilian scaled skin, green horns and teeth, and its body doesn't seem to be made completely out of water as with its previous appearances. Chaos' upper body is solid and the lower body is liquid. It has been explained that this was what Perfect Chaos was originally meant to look like (however, due to technological restraints it was not possible at the time),[3] although no in-game explanation is given. This design of Chaos is actually seen in Sonic Adventure, on the mural in the Lost World stage.

Other game appearanes

Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games

Perfect Chaos in MSATOWG

Perfect Chaos in Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.

Chaos appears, as an ice version Perfect Chaos, in Mario And Sonic At The Olympic Winter Games as an obstacle in Dream Figure Skating (Sonic World). He also appears in his normal form as a VIP character that will sometimes send you letters and as a sticker.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, the name "Chaos" appears as one of the default names when starting a profile.

Powers and abilities

Chaos is an incredible strong creature, whose power is so great that it has caused it to be revered as a powerful god. Even at its weakest, Chaos is said to possess immeasurable powers.[4]

Chaos possesses the ability to absorb Chaos Emeralds and its form, power and skills change and increases with every Chaos Emerald that it absorbs, until it reaches a fully realized Super transformation. Over time it develops from a humanoid water creature to a horrible, world-destroying monster. Because of its liquid-like appearance, it is also immune to bullets and gunfire.

Chaos' Forms

Chaos 0

Main article: Chaos 0 (boss)
Sonicchannel chaos

Chaos 0 in Sonic Channel.

This is the base form of Chaos before it has absorbed any Chaos Emeralds. It is humanoid, and about five feet tall with bright green eyes. Its brain is visible in this form through its watery exterior. Sonic Adventure begins with Sonic fighting Chaos 0 outside the City Hall in Station Square. Its attacks include extending its arms to punch, spinning around with its arms extended and jumping high and quickly onto light posts in order to get out of Sonic's range.

Chaos 0 sonic adventure

Chaos 0 in Sonic Adventure.

In Sonic Adventure 2, Chaos Zero (as it is called in-game) is a secret character that can be unlocked by getting all A-Ranks in Rouge's missions. After that, it will be playable as a treasure hunter in 2-Player Mode. In this appearance, it is significantly smaller than its prequel's counterpart, and its moves are all based on Rouge's. In Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Chaos Zero is an initially available character. In this version, it is a very slow character, but has powerful attacks. It also cannot jump very high, which is in stark contrast to the prequel. In this game, Chaos Zero can glide, climb and dig just like Knuckles and Rouge, and it also gains three new attacks: Chaos Impact, a powerful ground punch that creates a small earthquake, Chaos Strike, a blue energy pulse that harms and confuses enemies, and Chaos Bind, a move which freezes the air around the enemy for 30–40 seconds. Chaos Zero is also able to swim underwater for an unlimited amount of time.

Chaos 0 also appears in Emerl's story in Sonic Battle, where it can be challenged. After the player defeats Chaos, it is unlocked as a playable character in Battle and Challenge modes. In-game, Chaos can barely jump and is incredibly slow but its extendable limbs give it a much wider attack range than it appears to have, and has the highest attack power in the game. It can turn into a puddle of water as usual, and can create fountains, tentacles, and orbs of water.

Chaos 1

Chaos1-sonic adventure

Chaos 1.

After Chaos absorbs one Chaos Emerald, Chaos has slightly changed. Chaos 1 increases in size and gains a line of "bones" that travel down its right arm into its hand, where the Emerald is located. As such the arm becomes bulkier. He briefly appears in Sonic Adventure after Sonic or Tails fights Eggman for the first time, and is never fought. Due to never being fought, his abilities are unknown. Knuckles also meets Chaos 1 in the Hotel room just before it transforms into Chaos 2.

Chaos 2

Main article: Chaos 2 (boss)
C B 018

Chaos 2.

Chaos is much stronger after absorbing the two Emeralds. It is taller and more muscular. The "bones" that were in Chaos 1's right arm now run along both of Chaos 2's arms and now both hands have Emeralds. Its neck has elongated, making its head move forward, giving it a more unpleasant appearance, and the horns on his head have also changed position to give it a hammerhead style look.

It has also developed new powers like a blue energy shield to prevent frontal attacks and the ability to transform into a huge ball, several small orbs, or waves of water. In Sonic X, Chaos 2 can spray high pressured water from his hands and has a near-unbreakable shield of electrical properties.

Knuckles the Echidna fights it in the Hotel Restaurant in Station Square. Sonic, Knuckles and Miles "Tails" Prower later meet Chaos 2 by the pool of water in the Mystic Ruins just before it becomes Chaos 4.

Chaos 4

Main article: Chaos 4 (boss)
Chaos 4

Chaos 4.

Chaos changes considerably after absorbing four Chaos Emeralds. It is now a huge shark-like creature with razor like fins. It fights Sonic, Tails and Knuckles in a small pond in the Mystic Ruins, but is defeated. Its new powers include being able to fire energy waves, swimming at high speeds, creating water explosions, and turning into four balls that bounce toward the player. If Chaos 4 is out of water it simply floats in the air. The third and fourth Chaos Emeralds absorbed are now located in its belly.

Big the Cat encounters Chaos 4 on the Egg Carrier just before it transformed into Chaos 6. Interestingly, even though Chaos' tail is absorbed by Froggy at the time being, Chaos 4 still sports a tail in which he can use for attack, so it may actually have two tails.

Chaos 6

Main article: Chaos 6 (boss)
Chaos 6

Chaos 6.

After absorbing six Emeralds, Chaos has changed dramatically once again. It is no longer even vaguely humanoid, but a scorpion/frog-like creature. It also has eight or more eyes, a bulldog-like head and a mouth filled with razor sharp teeth. Its tail is tipped with a pendulum type blade.

Unlike its previous forms, Chaos 6 cannot be injured by attacking its head, as the brain is too deeply situated to be damaged. Instead, Chaos 6 can only be damaged by freezing and shattering its liquid body. Both Sonic and Knuckles fight Chaos 6 on the Egg Carrier and Big the Cat fishes Froggy out from inside Chaos. Chaos' new powers include creating powerful shock waves and trying to inhale enemies to eat them. He can also make dozens of spikes stick out of his body and smash enemies with his huge tail. The Emeralds it absorbed are now all around its body.

Perfect Chaos

Main article: Perfect Chaos
Dx perfect

Perfect Chaos emerging from a building in Station Square.

After absorbing the negative energies of all seven Chaos Emeralds, Chaos will become a giant serpentine dinosaur-like beast with a mouth extending far beyond its eyes, which for the first time have pupils that resemble a reptile's. At the base of its snake-like body seems to be a huge whirlpool and cyclone. It has large tentacles extending from its base.

Perfect Chaos' new powers include creating small tornadoes, firing clusters of yellow and pink fireballs, which actually form from the spines on its back, and firing a powerful energy beam from its mouth. It has complete control over water as Perfect Chaos is able to flood Station Square with ease. It is the final boss in Sonic Adventure, where only Super Sonic has the power to take it down. In its Perfect form, Chaos was quickly able to shoot down Eggman's Egg Carrier 2, which was a failsafe in case Chaos rebelled.

In Sonic X, Perfect Chaos looks more like a plesiosaur due to an increased "back" size and several new tentacles. Perfect Chaos also uses a few more powers, like absorbing projectiles and then redirecting them back at the attacker through its mouth, using its tentacles to attack (he is seen splitting skyscrapers in half with them), and creating crystal spires and an energy shield. He also controls water and, if you look closely before his battle with Super Sonic, its tongue is much longer than his enormous jaws. It can also fire an energy beam, which he uses to burn the Egg Carrier 2 to cinders.


Perfect Chaos on a rampage.

It should be noted that Perfect Chaos' energy beam has an uncanny resemblance to Godzilla's Atomic Ray and that Perfect Chaos himself looks like Godzilla's rival Biollante. Also the fact that it destroyed a city may have led Sonic Team to giving it resemblances to kaiju. It is said that Perfect Chaos is Chaos' negative Super State. In the Sonic X comic book, in which it absorbed the positive energy of the emeralds to take down Eggman's mecha, Chaos' positive Super State simply looked like a extremely enlarged version of Chaos 0 with the seven Emeralds in its forehead.

Chaos Generations

The reptilian eyes of Perfect Chaos.

Perfect Chaos serves as a boss in the game Sonic Generations, and is the main boss of the Dreamcast era. The player does not use Super Sonic in this game as the player cannot obtain all seven Chaos Emeralds before fighting it. Instead, the player must navigate three different kinds of levels before fighting it in its last resort, which is sending platforms out of the water. Perfect Chaos will destroy these platforms after an allotted time, so the player must hurry and avoid falling off.


Before Tikal's father and his soldiers came to the place where Chaos and the Chao lived, Chaos was a very loving and gentle creature, being very protective of the Chao and possibly Tikal.[5] But after the Chao that Chaos guarded were injured, Chaos became evil minded and furious at other beings and became completely consumed by anger and rage. When unleashed in the present time, it wanted nothing more than to collect the Chaos Emeralds, destroy Station Square and eventually the world. However, when Super Sonic neutralized him, he turned back to his former self and was joyful to see that there were still Chao in the world.

Artificial Chaos

Main article: Artificial Chaos
Artificial Chaos

The Artificial Chaos.

Artificial Chaos are robotic enemies that resemble Chaos. They appear in Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog. The latter explains that the renowned scientist professor Gerald Robotnik had built them as experiments, and based them on "a god of an ancient culture", although he cannot have had access to Chaos itself when he created them.

After being created, the experiments went out of control and started attacking anyone in sight. As seen in a flashback from Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow himself fought Artificial Chaos on Space Colony ARK. They were eventually subdued, and by the events of Sonic Adventure 2 they were protecting the colony. Later still, they were taken over by the Black Arms and battled Shadow again.

Theme songs

Chaos has a number of theme songs in the games that are attributed to itself. The genres of the songs vary.

  • "Boss: Chaos 0, 2, 4" - plays during the battles against Chaos 0, 2 and 4. It is also used in Super Sonic's story summaries as there is an image of Perfect Chaos in the backdrop.
  • "Boss: Chaos ver.6" - plays during the battles against Chaos 6.
  • "Perfect Chaos Revival" - plays during the second half of the battle against Perfect Chaos. It also plays in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games when Perfect Chaos appears.
  • "Open Your Heart" by Crush 40 - plays during the first half of the battle against Perfect Chaos; shared as the main theme of Sonic Adventure. A cut-down, instrumental version is also used in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
  • A special song plays when you fight Chaos 0 during the Story Mode of Sonic Battle. It has no name, but is number 18 in the Sound Test.

Apperances in other media

Archie Comics

The Sonic the Hedgehog comics echoed the Sonic Adventure storyline, with a number of variations. Chaos and Tikal were both imprisoned in a Black Emerald, which was broken open by a hammer wielded by Dr. Robotnik. This continuity also featured the Freedom Fighters, who assisted Sonic and Knuckles in the victory over Perfect Chaos. Chaos was later featured in the Worlds Collide crossover, the events of which led to an altered continuity in which the events of Sonic Adventure apparently occurred in the comic universe in exactly the same way as in the game.

Sonic the Comic

Sonic X

Main article: Chaos (Sonic X)

Chaos in Sonic X.

The Sonic X anime follows the plot line of Sonic Adventure in episodes 27-32, resulting in Chaos's presence in those episodes in several of his forms. Here, he is described as "energy in a liquid state" rather than the "God of Destruction" in the English dub of the anime. He also made a few appearances in the Sonic X comic series published by Archie Comics.


  • Because of positioning on the map, Big the Cat is able to come in contact with Chaos 4 prior to his battle with Chaos 6 by approaching the arena from the proper direction and jumping into it. This is the only time that directly touching Chaos does not harm a character.
  • In Sonic Adventure and Sonic Generations, Chaos is translucent, but in all his other appearances he is opaque.
  • Chaos' body changes shape and size all through the events of Sonic Adventure but its brain stays relatively the same size.
  • Chaos 1, 2, 4, and 6 have what appear to be bones, but Perfect Chaos does not have any.
  • When the Chaos Emeralds are in Chaos, they look like a gradient color tint rather than their usual diamond design.
  • Chaos was purposefully created for Sonic Adventure to be a boss that would have been difficult to render on systems before the Dreamcast.
  • There is an amoeba called Chaos Chaos scientifically. Not only does it share the same name as the game character Chaos, but it also changes form as it moves through water. This is similar to how Chaos changes form every time it absorbs a Chaos Emerald.
  • In Sonic Adventure 2, Chaos is featured on several billboards. First, billboards advertising two fictional soft drinks (Chaos Cola and Chaos Soda) appear in several stages, such as Shadow's Radical Highway stage. Second, in City Escape and the Big Foot boss battle, Chaos 0 can be seen on billboards advertising a fictional movie named Planet of the Chaos, apparently based on Planet of the Apes. The movie is shown to be rated PG-13 by the MPAA.
  • There is a special kind of Chao, called the Chaos Chao, whose head and limbs resemble those of Chaos 0.
  • Chaos appears on four collectible cards in Sonic Rivals, in its 0, 2, 4, and 6 forms.
  • In Greek mythology, Chaos was the name of the first deity to come into existence. It is described as vast and formless, much like the being from the Sonic series. According to Hesiod, Chaos was also the dark void from which the Earth goddess Gaia was born.
  • Chaos was originally going to be in Sonic X-treme under the name of ChaosDoom.[6]
  • In Sonic and the Black Knight, "Chaos" is one of the default file names.
  • Chaos' model in Sonic Adventure seems to have a brain, although the model for Sonic Adventure 2 had it removed.
  • Chaos and E-102 Gamma are the only playable characters in Sonic Battle that do not have a story mode.
  • In Sonic Battle, said skill cards of Chaos' abilities even state that it can channel water spirits for several of its movements.
  • In Sonic Generations, Perfect Chaos seems to have a visible tongue while in Sonic Adventure, its tongue is not visible at all. In Sonic X, Perfect Chaos' tongue is visible as well suggesting he was meant to have one in Sonic Adventure.
  • Although Chaos first appeared in Sonic Adventure, he was briefly alluded to as early as the prologue in the manual for the Japanese version of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, where Knuckles speculated that the crashed Death Egg in the lake of the Floating Island was the egg containing a legendary dragon that was fated to destroy the world.
  • Chaos is the most fought boss in a single Sonic game, fighting against four characters in ten battles (if one were to include Perfect Chaos's revival).
  • According to an interview on Sonic Central, Sonic does not know the whereabouts of Chaos, FangBark the PolarbearRay the Flying SquirrelBean the Dynamite, or Tikal.


Sonic tshirt head (1) An image gallery is available for


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