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For the special ability in the Mario & Sonic series, see Chaos Boost (Mario & Sonic).
Chaos Boost
Shadow activating the Chaos Boost.
Statistics and Overview
First appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)


Shadow the Hedgehog


A enhancement of Shadow's abilities

The Chaos Boost (カオスブースト Kaosu būsuto?) is a Chaos Power used by Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). When using this move, Shadow enters an enhanced state that gives him more destructive power and certain power up moves or Chaos Powers.


When using the Chaos Boost, Shadow is enveloped by an red/yellow aura of chaos energy. This allows Shadow to perform Chaos Powers that he usually cannot perform, such as Chaos Snap, Chaos Lance and Chaos Blast. The Chaos Boost also increases Shadow's destructive power and sometimes makes him invincible to enemy attacks.[1] This state is similar to when Shadow removes the rings on his wrists to boost his power.

The Chaos Boost appears as three different versions of Level Up Items, called Memory Shards, that Shadow can obtain. For the first Level Up Item, he unlocks the Chaos Boost and its basic power; then for each Level Up Item Shadow obtains, he can activate higher levels of the Chaos Boost, each with a different Chaos Power—from the lowest level being level one to level three being the highest.

For Shadow to perform the Chaos Boost, his Action Gauge has to be completely filled up with Chaos Drives and/or Life Orbs and to activate it the player has to press R1ps3. Once the Chaos Boost is activated, Shadow develops a red aura around him similar to the color of his Chaos Blast and his Action Gauge will slowly deplete. Once it runs out completely, the Chaos Boost will end. To activate the higher levels of the Chaos Boost, the player must press R1ps3 once for each level, but with each increase in level, the Action Gauge will deplete quicker.[1]


  • Level 1: Shadow obtains the power Chaos Snap. Chaos Snap can be used to warp to a chain of up to six enemies and attack. The player obtains Chaos Snap when he has obtained the Memory Shard (blue).
  • Level 2: Shadow obtains the power Chaos Lance. This move is an upgrade to Chaos Spear. It explodes upon contact. The player obtains Chaos Lance when he has obtained the Memory Shard (red).
  • Level 3: Shadow obtains the move Chaos Blast. This move is an explosion attack and can be used to destroy multiple enemies within a ten-yard range. The player obtains Chaos Blast when he has obtained the Memory Shard (black).



  1. 1.0 1.1 Shadow's profile from Sonic 06: "When Shadow is in possession of a Memory Shard and the Action Gauge is completely filled, Chaos Boost can be triggered by pressing the right trigger. During this time, Shadow gains more destructive power and is invincible to enemy attacks. Power-Up moves corresponding to the Memory Shards may be used during this time..." "Chaos Boost ends when the Action Gauge reaches zero."

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