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Chaos Control
Chaos Control9
Shadow performing Chaos Control in Sonic the Hedgehog
Statistics and overview
First appearance

Sonic Adventure 2


An ability that can alter space and time for various affects.

Chaos Control (カオスコントロール Kaosu Kontorōru?) is a Chaos Power that allows the user to warp time and space with the mystical Chaos Emeralds or with a link to the Archie exclusive Chaos Force. It was first utilized by Shadow the Hedgehog during the events of Sonic Adventure 2. While first introduced as a way to teleport over large distances, Chaos Control has since been evolved into a overall term for any supernatural reality manipulation conducted through the power of the Chaos Emeralds, allowing incredible feats such as traveling through time and between dimensions, altering the fabric of reality or freeze time.

Chaos Control is also known to be the power source for many chaos energy-based Chaos Powers, such as Chaos Spear and Chaos Blast.


First Chaos Control

Shadow invoking Chaos Control.

Chaos Control is an ability that allows the user to manipulate or warp the fabric of space and time using either a Chaos Emerald's chaos energy,[1][2] or, in the Archie Comics, a link to the Chaos Force. Usually, a warp created by Chaos Control is used for teleportation, although its effects can be molded into affecting reality in a multitude of manners. Chaos Control is described as being enhanced with each Chaos Emerald added to its usage, until reaching full power with all seven Chaos Emeralds,[3] meaning that the more Chaos Emeralds that are used in the process, the greater is the extent that the user can warp space and time. Furthermore, because the power of the Chaos Emeralds can be harnessed without a physical connection to a Chaos Emerald, users only need to be within an unknown proximity to one to use Chaos Control.[4]

Space Manipulation

Chaos Control teleports the ark

The Space Colony ARK being teleported by Chaos Control.

Chaos Control is foremost associated with its ability to manipulate space, which is usually used to create warps that teleport the user instantaneously from one place in space to another anywhere. The user of Chaos Control can also bring others with them when warping, or warp objects to other locations without the user going with them, though varying amounts of energy is required depending on the extent of the warp. With all seven Chaos Emeralds, the user can perform Chaos Control to its full extend, which can teleport objects as large as the Space Colony ARK and the Black Comet from the earth's surface and into space.

Usage of Chaos Control to warp space is not limited to just teleporting to different places within one's own universe, but can also be used for interdimensional travel: Shadow could warp back to his own world from the Chaotic Inferno Zone with one Emerald, Blaze could sent herself to another dimension with two Emeralds, and Black Doom was able to warp others into cyberspace with Chaos Control.


Shadow attacking the Black Arms while teleporting

As demonstrated by Dr. Eggman in Sonic Advance 3, Chaos Control's space-manipulating properties can be used for reshaping reality itself, which he showed by splitting the Earth into seven different regions. Together with the time-manipulating properties of Chaos Control, the user can also create rifts in space and time, which can banished those who passes into them to the void. In battle, Chaos Control can also be used to distort space and thereby damage the opponent.

Time Manipulation

The second most common use of Chaos Control is its ability to manipulate time, though not to the same extent as the space-manipulating side of Chaos Control. It is most frequently used to either slow down time or stop it entirely, which in turn keeps the users' opponents suspended, without any means of breaking free, while the users themself are unaffected.


Sonic and Shadow creating a Time-Space Rift.

With at least two users and two Chaos Emeralds, Chaos Control also allows the users to manipulate time to such an extent that they can travel through time itself, though some manipulation of space is involved as well. In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), it is demonstrated that if two people, each with a Chaos Emerald, attempt to activate Chaos Control independently of one another, but also in very close proximity, the two attempts cancel each other out and create a rip in the fabric of space-time. These Time-Space Rifts gives anyone who enters it a brief degree of choice in quickly traveling backwards or forwards in time and to another location as well.

Chaos Powers

Main article: Chaos Powers

In combat, Chaos Control can as be used to create offensive and defensive techniques named Chaos Powers.

The Source of Chaos Control

The different Sonic universes have different rules for what powers Chaos Control.

Game series

Chaos Control requires at least one Chaos Emerald to be nearby to draw power from, as stated in the games' cutscenes[1] and profiles in manuals and websites.[2] Takashi Iizuka has confirmed that Chaos Control without a Chaos Emerald is impossible,[5] with exception of fake emeralds with the same wavelength and properties as a real emerald.

A report for the Biolizard also stated that a specific organ was used by the creature to begin the process of Chaos Control.[6]

Other media

Chaos Control has appeared in other media such as Sonic X and the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by Archie Comics, which can take slightly to radically different approaches to it.

Sonic X

In Sonic X, Chaos Control is never initiated by Shadow or anyone else without an Emerald, or at least a fake Chaos Emerald, nearby (it was originally believed that all seven were needed for Chaos Control but Shadow proved only one was needed).[7][8] If all seven Emeralds are brought together without proper acclimation to each other, a large-scale Chaos Control can occur which can warp all those caught in its blast to another dimension. However, as demonstrated by Christopher Thorndyke and Dr. Eggman's dimension-traveling devices, it is possible to artificially induce Chaos Control with specialized machinery.

Archie Comics

In the Archie Comic's continuity, Shadow is an exception to the use of Chaos Control and does not need a Chaos Emerald at all to perform Chaos Control. According to Knuckles, this is because he has the ability to tap into the Chaos Force to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds without a Chaos Emerald, which is something only Angel Island's Guardians could do before him. After the continuity was rebooted by the Super Genesis Wave and the Chaos Force was eliminated, there is no explanation as to how the users can use Chaos Control without an Emerald.

Game appearances

Early history

Although Shadow the Hedgehog is the first to be seen using Chaos Control in Sonic Adventure 2, the earliest known user of Chaos Control is Black Doom, the Black Arms leader, as he could very well be over 2000 years old (as he states before the "Sky Troops" stage in Shadow the Hedgehog that he visited Earth around that time years ago).

Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle

Sonicadventure2pic 100609

Shadow's first known display of Chaos Control.

The first use of Chaos Control in the Sonic the Hedgehog series was introduced along with Shadow the Hedgehog in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It was first shown by Shadow, when he and Sonic met face to face, where he used Chaos Control to avoid Sonic the Hedgehog's charge and then to flee from the scene before G.U.N. arrived.

When Prison Island was about to blow up, Shadow arrived in the nick of time to save Rouge from inside the vault and used Chaos Control to teleport them both to safety. Later, when Sonic was shot into space in a capsule set to explode, Sonic used Chaos Control almost subconsciously with a fake Chaos Emerald to teleport himself back to the Space Colony ARK. When Sonic and Shadow later had their battle at Final Rush, the two of them would both use Chaos Control to gain up on one another whenever one of them fell behind.

As the Space Colony Ark began its collision course towards Earth, Sonic and Knuckles managed to stop the Chaos Emeralds from powering the ARK, but the Biolizard, an early prototype of Shadow, used its own Chaos Control to teleport outside the ARK and merged with it, thus becoming Finalhazard, intending to keep it on its collision course. After defeating the Finalhazard, Super Sonic and Super Shadow used a combined Chaos Control, massive enough to send the ARK back into orbit.

Chaos Control can also be performed by the player by playing as Shadow in the games' 2P Battle mode. It is the equivalent of Sonic the Hedgehog's Time Stop. When performed, the opposing player's screen will turn negative in colors and the opponent will be left completely immobilized (frozen in time), leaving them vulnerable to attacks. This effect lasts only 10–20 seconds, which is indicated by a counter on the opposing screen, though the time can be reduced by rapidly pressing buttons. To use Chaos Control in gameplay, the player must press the Action Button after collecting 60 Rings. After using it, the player has to collect another 60 Rings to use Chaos Control again.

Sonic Heroes

In Sonic Heroes, Chaos Control is part of Team Dark's Team Blast, Chaos Inferno. The move destroys every enemy in the direct vicinity, stops all objects in place and the clock for 10 seconds. The player can end this effect by pressing the Team Blast button (White Button/R1ps3/Rgame). In the final battle against Metal Overlord, Metal Overlord may use Chaos Control (due to having copied Sonic and Shadow's data) which lets him freeze time to prevent Team Super Sonic from moving or attacking and also stops the clock, but their rings still drain away while Chaos Control is in effect.

Sonic Battle

In Sonic Battle, almost all of Shadow's attacks involve Chaos Control in some form or another.

Sonic Advance 3

Chaos Control is a plot device in Sonic Advance 3. In the game, Dr. Eggman used the Chaos Emeralds to induce a Chaos Control so powerful that it separated and reshaped the world into several different regions.[9]

Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, the use of Chaos Control plays a very prominent role in the story. The game introduced Black Doom, an alien warlord who could also perform Chaos Control without the Chaos Emeralds, just like Shadow. Over the course of the game. Black Doom would use Chaos Control to teleport Shadow to areas where he needed him, either to assist his army or to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds.

Shadow himself would also make use of Chaos Control over the course of his adventure, as seen during the intro sequence where he used Chaos Control to attack the Black Arms or when he used Chaos Control to enter various places, such as Dr. Eggman's bases or the ruins of Prison Island.

In the Last Story, Black Doom revealed that he was seeking out the seven Chaos Emeralds to amplify his own Chaos Control abilities to such a high level that he could teleport the Black Comet down to the surface of the Earth from space, as the comet could not survive atmospheric reentry. After transporting the Black Comet down to Earth, Black Doom retreated back to the Black Comet, but Shadow followed him. Later, as Shadow moved in to attack Black Doom, Black Doom used Chaos Control to escape Shadow and to transform into Devil Doom, intending to kill Shadow for good. Shadow, however, transformed into Super Shadow and fought Devil Doom in a battle where they both would use Chaos Control to gain the upper hand on one another.

Eventually, Super Shadow defeated Devil Doom and used Chaos Control to teleport the Black Comet back into space where it was destroyed by the Eclipse Cannon.

In gameplay, Shadow can perform Chaos Control whenever his Hero meter was filled up, allowing him to become Hero Shadow. In this state, Shadow can initiate Chaos Control to manipulate time and space to his own advantage, though the use of Chaos Control is shown from different perspectives depending on the circumstances. When playing through a normal stage, performing Chaos Control will make Shadow fly quickly and automatically free from the players control (which may have just been a method of illustrating Shadow's teleportation through space) forward through the stage, often releasing bursts of energy, until his Hero meter runs out. In boss battles, however, performing Chaos Control allows Shadow to slow down time and his opponent, while he is completely controlled by the player, and still moving at normal speeds.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Chaos Control appeared again in Sonic the Hedgehog(2006), where it was used by Sonic, Shadow and Silver to create time rifts to travel through time. This game also introduced Mephiles the Dark, an evil being who could move through time with an ability similar to that of Chaos Control.

The first use of Chaos Control seen in the game was when Shadow used it to infiltrated White Acropolis to save Rouge the Bat. When the pair was later sent to Silver's future by Mephiles, Shadow figured out they could return home by using Chaos Control to create a Time-Space Rift, but doing so required more power than he could provide himself. Fortunately, with the unexpected help from Team Sonic, the group collected two Chaos Emeralds, and Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control simultaneously to create a time-space rift for them to return home with.

During his battle with Silver, Shadow used Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald to slow Silver down while he attacked him. Silver, however, in a brash attempt to use Chaos Control against Shadow, used Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald simultaneously with Shadow and accidentally created a Time-Space Rift, which they used to explore the past of the Solaris Project. While in the past, Shadow used Chaos Control again, this time to freeze the new-born Mephiles in time while he sealed him in the Scepter of Darkness. After they had each completed their tasks in the past, Shadow and Silver used Chaos Control to return to the present. Sonic and Silver later create another Time-Space Rift with Chaos Control for Sonic to save Elise before she got killed and for Silver and Blaze to return to the future. In the end of Silver's story, Blaze presumably used Chaos Control to seal herself and Iblis away in another dimension.

Sonic Rivals series

In Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Chaos Control is Shadow the Hedgehog's signature move. When performing Chaos Control, Shadow slows down the time for his opposing rivals, effectively slowing downs his rivals' movements, regardless of where the rival may be located.

As with every other signature move in Sonic Rivals and Sonic Rivals 2, Metal Sonic can perform this ability when using his own signature move, Copycat.

Sonic Rivals

In order to perform Chaos Control in Sonic Rivals, the player has to obtain a Star Item Power-Up which is located throughout the stage. The player then has to press PSTriangleButton to activate this move. Chaos Control will then remain active for a short amount of time, before the effect wears off.

Sonic Rivals 2

To perform Chaos Control in Sonic Rivals 2, the player must have Shadow's Signature Meter completely filled, which can be done by collecting Rings, defeating enemies or boosting. Once the Signature Meter is filled, the player has to press PSSquareButton to activate Chaos Control. To extend the duration of Chaos Control, the player has to repeatedly press PSSquareButton. Chaos Control will remain active for as long as there are energy in Shadow's Signature Meter, which begins to deplete once Chaos Control has been activated.

During the ending of Shadow or Metal Sonic's story in Sonic Rivals 2, Shadow used Chaos Control with a Chaos Emerald to escape with Metal Sonic from the Chaotic Inferno Zone back to their own dimension.

Sonic Riders series

In Sonic Riders and Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Chaos Control is one of the abilities that Shadow the Hedgehog can perform to attack his opponents during the races.

Sonic Riders

In Sonic Riders, when Shadow reaches level 3 from collecting at least sixty Rings, he can perform Chaos Control as an orb of condensed energy on a nearby opponents to freeze them in time, making them immobile and easier to pass by.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Shadow can again use Chaos Control in orb form, now at all times, but when attacking his opponents with it, it causes them to lose control of their gear.

Super Smash Bros Brawl

In Super Smash Bros Brawl, Shadow is an assist trophy, which can use Chaos Control to slow down time for everyone (apart from the user of the trophy) for a short amount of time.

Sonic and the Black Knight

In Sonic and the Black Knight, Sir Lancelot (the world of Camelot's counterpart of Shadow) and Shadow are shown using Chaos Control as a part of their Chaos Punishment technique.

Sonic Generations

Chaos Control made a small cameo on both console version and handheld version of Sonic Generations. During Sonic's rival battle with Shadow, Shadow would use Chaos Control to travel faster when doing his Special Move, and shout "Chaos Control" when he would try to attack Sonic with Chaos Spears on the console version, and shout "Chaos Control" when performing his own Sonic Boost on the handheld version.

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U

Like Super Smash Bros Brawl. Shadow is also an assist trophy and will do a Chaos Control when summoned by the player. When doing the technique Shadow charging his Chaos Control and a sphere surrounds him. Shadow then expands the Sphere to to effect the Battle arena and players in it (apart from the user of the trophy).

Apperances in other media

Sonic X

In Sonic X, Chaos Control is the catalyst for much of the series' events. During one of Sonic's battles with Dr. Eggman, an accident with one of the evil doctor's machines caused a vast Chaos Control explosion, which teleported Sonic and his friends from their world to an alternate dimension, Earth. Later in the series, events similar to the first Chaos Control explosion also transport Angel Island and other lifeforms from Sonic's world to Earth. Chaos Control would also typically appear in the series' later run, usually when characters such as Shadow, Super Sonic and Super Shadow appeared.

Archie Comics

Archie Chaos Control

Shadow using Chaos Control to save Dr. Light.

In the Sonic comic series published by Archie Comics, Chaos Control is an ability infused with the power of the Chaos Force usually used for teleportation and temporal-freezing and is usually used by whose who have a strong connection to the Chaos Force. Just like in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, Chaos Control can be molded into different powers and abilities, like energy spears, energy explosions, energy blasts, levitation and can even be used to freeze people in time, and its power can be increased depending on the number of Chaos Emeralds. With one Chaos Emerald, at least three people can teleport between zones with Chaos Control.

Unlike other characters who can use the ability, this version of Shadow the Hedgehog can perform Chaos Control without the need for a Chaos Emerald as he has a natural connection to the Chaos Force. Many of the characters from the games has also been shown using Chaos Control in comics, but also comic-exclusive characters has been shown being able to perform Chaos Control as well, such as Scourge the Hedgehog, Mammoth Mogul and Lara-Su.

Users of Chaos Control

Game series

Shadow the Hedgehog

Team Dark Ultra Blast by SPYKE THE HEDGIE

Shadow using Chaos Control in Team Dark's Chaos Inferno in Sonic Heroes.

The first character ever seen to perform Chaos Control and the one to make the most use of it. He first used it to warp past Sonic in Sonic Adventure 2 and to stop time in the game's 2-Player Mode. In Sonic Heroes, he used Chaos Control to stop time in his team's Team Blast named Chaos Inferno. In his own game Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow used Chaos Control to quickly warp through stages or slow down time during boss battles. Chaos Control is Shadow's signature move, despite the fact that there are others capable of using it. As described in cutscenes[1] and bios in manuals and websites,[2] Shadow canonically requires a Chaos Emerald to activate Chaos Control.

Super Shadow

With the Power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Super Shadow's Chaos Control is enhanced to the point that he can freely warp obstacles as large as the Space Colony ARK (with Super Sonic) and the Black Comet. He can as well travel through time with it on his own.

Hero Shadow

While in the Hero Shadow state, Shadow can use Chaos Control to its full extend to either slow down time and warp through space to another location which looks like the player speeding through the Stages.

Sonic the Hedgehog

In Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic used Chaos Control to save himself from certain death, most notably with a fake Chaos Emerald, which had the same properties as an actual Emerald, although it was weaker. Also, when playing the final boss of the Dark Story, battling Sonic for the second time, he will use Chaos Control to catch up with Shadow if falling behind or forced off the platform. Sonic's again used Chaos Control Sonic the Hedgehog(2006) game, where he uses Chaos Control together with Shadow, and later with Silver the Hedgehog, in order to create warps in time. While a powerful technique, Sonic, however, seem reluctant to use it too often, as the only times he's ever used it were in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

Super Sonic

With the Power of the seven Chaos Emeralds, Super Sonic's Chaos Control is enhanced to the point that he can freely warp obstacles as large as the Space Colony ARK (with Super Shadow). He can as well travel through time with it on his own.

Super Silver

Even it is said that Silver gains free access to various Chaos Powers and especially Chaos Control, it can allow him to relentlessly execute it to augment his Psychokinesis with the energy that comes from his Chaos Control, in order to stop anything that comes into him directly, and the other ways that he can use his Chaos Control is unknown.


Used Chaos Control to merge with the Eclipse Cannon of the Space Colony ARK in Sonic Adventure 2. A report that Rouge showed to Shadow, regarding the Biolizard, implied that its use of Chaos Control was the result of an organ that was installed into the creature.

Metal Sonic

In Sonic Heroes, after copying Sonic and Shadow's life data and using parts from Dr. Eggman's base to build himself a more powerful and fearsome body, Metal Sonic was able to use Chaos Control to stop time as a defense mechanism against Team Super Sonic. He uses the ability again to slow opponents to a crawl in Sonic Rivals, however he can only use against Shadow via his Copycat ability.


When Emerl has Shadow's data captured he can copy Shadow's Chaos Control to use Chaos Control and other attacks.

Dr. Eggman

While he can't use it on his own, he has attained Chaos Control using a machine at the beginning of Sonic Advance 3 to break the world into seven pieces, forcing Sonic and Tails to head for the Master Emerald in order to undo the mess.

Black Doom

The alien leader Black Doom used Chaos Control a number of times to transport Shadow (willingly or not) to various locations on Earth, and can even teleport him into cyberspace. He later stole and used all seven Chaos Emeralds to teleport the Black Comet, the Black Arms' home, to Earth, as the Black Comet's velocity can never become high enough to pass through a planet's atmosphere on its own. During the last fight in Shadow the Hedgehog, Devil Doom (a transformed Black Doom) used Chaos Control several times to evade the close-range assaults of Super Shadow.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver also has the ability of Chaos Control, which he learned while watching Shadow perform it. He uses with Shadow, and later Sonic, to travel through time. However, because the events of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) were erased, it is unknown if Silver can still utilize this move.


Gemerl used Chaos Control when a character was fighting him. He used it to teleport into the air and summon a bunch of missiles. It's assumed that Gemerl kept some data from Emerl, who had data of Shadow performing it.

Archie Comics

Scourge the Hedgehog

Scourge is an exclusive character to the Sonic comics published by Archie Comics. He is able to use Chaos Control by using the Master Emerald. Scourge has only used this ability once, and he tells Rouge that he needs a Chaos Emerald to perform it.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Shadow used Chaos Control to warp back in his dimension after Metal Sonic was destroyed by him, Blaze, and Marine. (SU #1)


Lara- Chaos Control

Lara-Su uses Chaos Control on King Shadow.

Lara-Su, the future daughter of Knuckles the Echidna and Julie-Su, is also from the Archie Sonic comics. She comes from an alternative timeline, and is able to use not only her father's powers but also Chaos Control. In the Mobius: 25 Years Later storyline, she fought the evil King Shadow and imprisoned him with chaos energy by using Chaos Control, suffering minor injuries from a Chaos Spear fired by King Shadow during the battle. She could be the first female to use Chaos Control in the whole Sonic series (Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) was released 1 month later).

Brotherhood of Guardians

Though never specifically calling it Chaos Control, Knuckles' relatives have a variety of powers derived from chaos energy, among them teleportation.

Dr. Finitevus

When he appeared to help Locke save the Master Emerald from being stolen by A.D.A.M., Dr. Finitevus used a form of teleportation somewhat similar to Chaos Control. The fact that Finitevus' energy is black rather than the normal green is simply of a result of the fact that he wields corrupted chaos energy.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles can use Chaos Control and other Chaos Powers by using his ability Chaos Force.

Mega Man

In Sonic & Mega Man: Worlds Collide, Mega Man uses the power of the Chaos Emeralds to assume the form of Super Armor Mega Man, and fights alongside Super Sonic. After the battle with the Egg-Wily Machine X, Super Sonic instructs Super Armor Mega Man on how to use Chaos Control to restore his world back to normal.


  • 'Chaos Control' is also the name of a game on the Phillips CD-i.[10]
  • The term 'Chaos Control' is an oxymoron, as chaos is something uncontrollable.
  • The Sonic canons have only used 'Chaos Control' as a noun, not a verb. The verb associated with usage of Chaos Control is "warp" (as in, "Those black creatures just warped the Comet down to the surface using Chaos Control!")
  • According to the games' canon (and confirmed by Takashi Iizuka), Shadow and everyone else requires at least one Chaos Emerald close by to draw power from for Chaos Control, or the technique is impossible - however, Shadow has appeared to use Chaos Control or its related powers during gameplay of some games without visible Emeralds nearby.
  • In the boss battles of Shadow the Hedgehog and for a brief time in Sonic Heroes, during the team blast of Team Dark, Chaos Control appears to invert colors.
  • The theme of Chaos Control from Shadow the Hedgehog can be heard in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing during Shadow's All-Star Move, "Super Shadow".
  • In Shadow the Hedgehog, if one were to activate Chaos Control (as Hero Shadow) at the same time when booting up the checkpoint menu, Shadow will indefinitely move throughout the stage without the Hero Gauge depleting though it may stop at certain points during a stage.
  • Chaos Control appears to be very easy to perform, as Sonic was already able to perform it (using a weaker, fake emerald nonetheless) after only having witnessed Shadow use it once. Also, Silver induced a Chaos Control at his first try, almost immediately after Shadow demonstrated it.



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