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Chaotix Recital (カオティクスリサイタル Kaotikusurisaitaru?) is the Team Blast used by Team Chaotix in Sonic Heroes. When performing this move, Vector, Espio and Charmy team up to deliver a knockout technique that destroys all nearby enemies and grants a Rings Item Box for each destroyed enemy.


When performing Chaotix Recital, Espio strums on a shamisen while Charmy beats on a drum. While his teammates are playing their instruments, Vector then "sings" into a microphone and the three of them together releases loud sounds in all directions at their foes. While playing, an audience can be heard cheering for them.

To perform Chaotix Recital in gameplay, the player must press White Button/R1ps3/Gamecube Z Button when the Team Blast Gauge is full. When performing this technique, it destroys all normal enemies in the vicinity and as well inflicts a large amount of damage to bosses. During the attack, the player receives a Ring Item Box for each enemy destroyed, with each Item Box containing a random number of Rings. Additionally, while the Team Blast Gauge is resetting from the usage of Chaotix Recital, the player receives a Ring Item Box holding a random number of Rings for every enemy destroyed.


  • If the Chaotix gain at least a hundred Rings from their Team Blast, Team Chaotix can repeat the attack. This is extremely helpful for defeating waves of robots quickly in Robot Carnival and Robot Storm.
  • Espio, Charmy and Vector all sing during the Chaotix Recital. However, their voices are cut off by the sound effects and each other, making it impossible to hear their lines.
    • Espio sings "Born in the darkness, to live in the darkness, that's the ninja's creeeed."
    • Charmy sings "Bee-bee-bee! Charmy the Bee! Charmy the Bee has got lots of honey!"
    • Vector sings "Yeah yeah, I'm the one, I'm Vector the Crocodile! Herrhehe!"
  • The Japanese version of this move lasts considerably longer as shown when points are received in defeating the enemies; in the English version, after the points appear, the move ends almost immediately and switches the scene back to the stage while in the Japanese version, after the points appear Team Chaotix still keep performing for a few more seconds before switching the scene back to the stage.

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