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Cheese (Modern)
First appearance

Sonic Advance 2

in other media
Real-world designer(s)

Sonic Team

Voice actor(s)
voice actor(s)

Ryō Hirohashi

Biographical overview



Cheese the Chao[2]


Chocola (brother)

Physical description



None[1] (referred to as male)


40 cm (1' 3")[1]




Light blue, yellow, pink


Dark blue


Red bow tie

Alignment and character traits



Team Rose

Favorite Food


Powers and abilities
  • Flight
  • Super speed
  • Enhanced strength
  • Shapeshifting

Cheese (チーズ Chīzu?) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series. He is a neutral Chao owned by Cream the Rabbit and the twin brother of Chocola.[3] He is often used as a method of attack by Cream in the many games they both appear in. Cheese is mostly referred to as male: In Shadow the Hedgehog, Cream asks Shadow to find Cheese in which she says, "You have to find him."

He is a Unique Chao in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and raises the entire team's luck when bonded to a character depending on his level: at level 1 he increases it by 5, at level 2 by 10, and at level 3 by 15. Cheese is the only Chao in the game that can't be attained from an egg, and is also the only Chao that has significance in a side-quest. Cheese is found in a cave that the player needs to climb to access it.


Cheese has the appearance of a neutral child Chao: he is light blue and has yellow markings at the tip of his head, hands, feet and tail, a bulb-shaped head, dark blue eyes, a floating, yellow pom-pom ball hovering above the top of his head that changes appearance corresponding to his emotions, two pink butterfly-like wings and a small circular tail. He is distinguishable from other Chao by his red bow tie (its color alternates to pink depending on the game played).


Cheese is a very loyal Chao and is always ready to help Cream. Cheese's mood also tend to reflect Cream's: whenever Cream is happy or upset, so is Cheese.

Powers and abilities

Cheese is Cream's main form of attack - Cream launches Cheese as a 'homing missile' of sorts, as he homes in on and, in the Sonic Advance games, destroys an enemy, making him a valuable weapon. He is also shown to be able to create tornadoes in Sonic Battle.

Cheese also has the ability to change into a Chao version of Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy. This is only seen in Sonic Advance 3, and only Cheese has been shown to have this ability.

In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, Cheese has the ability to greatly increase the luck of all team members during battle.


Cream the Rabbit

Cream is Cheese's best friend and partner. The two are rarely ever seen apart from each other and they share a close bond. The two of them work well together and even give each other courage.[4]


Chocola is Cheese's sibling that appears in Sonic Heroes.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic has occasionally came to Cream and Cheese's rescue throughout the series.

Apperances in other media

Sonic X

Main article: Cheese (Sonic X)

Cheese is a main character in the Sonic X anime and comic, again appearing as Cream the Rabbit's faithful pet.

Archie Comics

Cheese also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog conic series and its spin-off comic series published by Archie Comics. In this media, Cheese originally lived with Cream, Vanilla and his fellow Chao at a Chao Garden the Southern Baronies until Snively Robotnik attacked and their home was destroyed. Upon Amy Rose's insistence, Cheese and his family moved to New Mobotropolis and set up their new home there. After getting themselves acquainted with their new home, Cheese accompanied Cream on all her adventures, helping her however he could every step of the way, and eventually joined Team Freedom with her, and later on, the New Freedom Fighters.


  • Cheese's name comes from the food "cream cheese", which couples with the fact that Cream is rarely seen without him.
  • It is possible for the player to obtain more than one Cheese in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.
  • Cheese has the ability to hover in the air, unlike the Chao from the Sonic Adventure series, who can only fly for a few seconds before having to land.
  • Strangely, when Cream has Cheese equipped in Sonic Chronicles, Cheese will stay next to her even when she throws him at an enemy.
  • In Sonic Colors, Cheese appears to be missing his signature red bow tie.
  • In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, there is a Chao called Cheezlet that is very similar to Cheese.
  • Sonic Free Riders is the first Sonic game that Cheese is not with Cream throughout the story, although she does reference him along with her mother in one cutscene.





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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

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