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Chito from Sonic the Comic #87. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Chito is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a black-furred anthropomorphic rabbit from the Mobian Prairie.


His fur hangs down from his face like a long, drooping moustache and beard. His buck teeth are crooked, with one larger than the other. He wears a wide sombrero, with holes to let his ears through, and a purple poncho.


Chito was hired by Boss Krouch, an Apterix rancher, to eliminate his competition by killing another rancher named Rooster. Chito joined Rooster on a drive to Metropolis City, where Apterix meat is a growing market, and secretly caused a stampede while Rooster was in the middle of the herd.[1] Nevertheless, Rooster managed to find cover just in time and survived.

In order to allay suspicion, Chito immediately accused Knuckles the Echidna (who had been caught in the stampede as well) of causing the stampede. He and another driver, a dingo, tied Knuckles up with a lasso and, despite Rooster's objections that there was no proof, knocked the echidna unconscious with an electrified prod. Chito convinced Rooster that the two of the should take Knuckles to Backwater City (where Boss Krouch was the mayor), where the Sheriff could decide what to do with him.[2]

When they arrived at Backwater, the Sheriff was away, but Deputy Krouch (Boss Krouch's son) agreed to lock Knuckles in a cell. Telling Rooster that he was going to saloon for something to eat, Chito slipped away for a secret meeting with Krouch, in order to explain why Rooster wasn't yet dead. That night, a group of Krouch's men (including the Deputy, Krouch's son) attempted to lynch Knuckles, but were prevented by the timely arrival of the Sheriff.[1]

Shortly after this, Chito disappeared, leaving Sheriff and the Rooster to believe that Chito was indeed behind the attempt on Rooster's life. Knuckles (who had been made the new deputy after the Sheriff had fired Deputy Krouch) tracked Chito to another saloon. After causing a bar brawl, Knuckles threw Chito out of a window so that they could talk privately. Chito, intimidated by Knuckles' strength, admitted that he was the one who tried to kill Rooster, and that Boss Krouch had already left town to kill Rooster himself.[3]

When Knuckles caught up with Krouch, he disguised himself as Chito by standing in the shadows, wearing a sombrero with tall leaves in place of ears and affecting Chito's accent, thereby tricking Boss Krouch into admitting his plot to murder Rooster.[4]


Chito speaks in a heavy Mexican accent, for example saying "heem" instead of "him" and referring to other people as "hombre" or "amigo".


  • Chito's name is presumably derived from the Spanish names Chico and Tito, as well as the corn snack Cheetos.
  • Rooster incorrectly refers to Chito as "Chico" in his first appearance, although other characters correctly refer to him as Chito and Rooster also calls him Chito in subsequent issues.


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