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Choy is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic beaver and partner of Hobson. He originates from planet Drak and is a criminal escapee of the Drakon Empire.


Choy is a scrawny humanoid beaver about Sonic's height with purple fur. He has green eyes with a pronounced peach muzzle, a nose similar to Sonic's, large buck teeth, black eyebrows, and round ears on the sides of his head. He has spiky purple hair around his face while the back of his head is black, and he has a short purple beaver tail. For attire, Choy wears a long-sleeved yellow shirt, white gloves, striped trousers in two tones of green which are held up by a large brown belt with a gold buckle, and red shoes.


On their homeworld planet Drak, Choy and Hobson were arrested by Drakon authorities for defacing a statue of Emperor Ko-Dorr. They were brought before Ko-Dorr, who ordered them thrown in the dungeon for a few years until he decided their punishment. On the way to the cells however, Choy had Hobson take out the guards while he swiped their Dimensional Staff and used it to summon a Mobius Ring, through which they escaped, but without knowledge of where they would arrive.[1]

Choy and Hobson ended up in Dr. Robotnik's hidden base on Flickies' Island,[1] where they met Robotnik himself. The duo were easily duped into Robotnik's service when he told them that he was a heroic rebel and that Sonic was an evil dictator who had stolen his kingdom - specifically, that his regular blue form was merely a cover for his true identity, Super Sonic. Believing that they would be handsomely rewarded if they put Robotnik back in control of Mobius, Choy offered their services to Robotnik. He and Hobson then left through a Mobius Ring to the Emerald Hill Zone to defeat Sonic and bring him back to Robotnik.[2]

While looking for Sonic, Choy brushed off Hobson's concerns, sure their service would benefit them. They soon after found Sonic where Choy let Hobson fight him alone by claiming to have a "sudden cramp" from an old wound and hid from Sonic behind a wagon. When Choy assumed that Sonic was beaten, he rushed in to deliver the final blow, only to find Sonic holding him back with a finger. After Sonic send him flying with a single punch, Choy was convinced to escape from the scene and sent a message to Robotnik, claiming that their mission was a success. A Mobius Ring then appeared which Choy and Hobson fled through while Choy assured Hobson he would think of something to say to Robotnik.[2]


Choy talks a big game and claims to be the brains behind him and Hobson. While he has a talent for planning, he does not think things through and lets his ambition get the better of him, causing his plans to frequently fail. He is also lazy and a dishonorable coward; he has Hobson do all the fighting and only attacks enemies when he thinks they are already beaten.[2] He can also be opportunistic, seizing any chance to earn acclaim regardless of how low he has to go.[2] Despite how many setbacks he suffers however, he will never admit them and instead claim they are all according to his plans.



Hobson is Choy's partner, but he treats him more as his workhorse. He never shows Hobson any respect, often calling him names and insulting him, and leaves all the hard work and fighting to him to ensure his own safety, even making up excuses to avoid helping him. While Hobson is aware of Choy's short-sighted plans and how he treats him, he is still faithful to him and tries to be his voice of reason. However, Choy always ignores him, as he either thinks his opinion does not matter or that he lacks imagination.[2] In spite of this, Choy hollowly claims Hobson can always count on him and will use his supposed attempts to protect him as means to seize glory.[1][2]

Dr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Ivo Robotnik became Choy's employer following his and Hobson's escape from the Drakon Empire. When learning of how Robotnik was Mobius' former ruler, Choy quickly offered his and Hobson's services to the doctor, though it was rather for receiving an invaluable reward and avoid having to work ever again than helping Robotnik. He was also willing to lie to the doctor in order to save his own skin.[2]


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