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Chris Senn

Chris Senn, or also known as Christian G. Senn, is a video game designer that has worked on a number of Sega titles during his time at Sega Technical Institute. He worked on The Ooze, Comix Zone, Geist Force and most notably, Sonic X-treme. The project he is currently working on is the recently announced Sonic Boom title targeted for release later in 2014.


His career in the games industry started in 1992 and has focused on video game design with a strong background in art for console, mobile, desktop and arcade markets.

Senn has a personal website which includes forums and content related to concept art, designs, videos, and conceptual music for Sonic X-treme. He is active on the forums under the username 'kurisu'.

Production History

  • Battle Cars (1993) — Art, Animation, Car Design
  • BattleTech: A Game of Armored Combat (1994) — Art, Animation, Character Design
  • Comix Zone (1995) — Backgrounds, Animation, FX
  • Sonic X-treme (1994-1996; unreleased) — Co-lead Design, Art Director, Character Design
  • Dynamite Cop! (1999) — Special Thanks
  • Zbrush (1999) — Art, Support, Documentation, Training
  • Cuboingo (2001) - Director, Art, Animation, Design, Audio
  • True Crime: Streets of LA (2003) — Additional City Designer
  • Shrek 2 (2004) — Designer
  • Call of Duty: Finest Hour (2004) — Designer (Ksar Tarsine)
  • True Crime: New York City (2005) — Designer
  • Spider-Man 3 (2007) — UI/UX Design
  • Spyborgs (prototype) — Design Director
  • iOki Lady Gaga/Jason Derulo/ — Contract UI/UX Art
  • Mah Jong Quest IV (unreleased) - Sr. Designer
  • EcoGoGo! (2011) - Game Director, Designer, Art Director, Animation, Audio
  • Carnival Island (2012) - Sr. Designer
  • Sonic Boom (2014; pending) - Lead Level Implementer

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