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Chun-nan's treasure is an object that appeared in Sonic Unleashed. It is an ancient, possibly magical, crystal orb with a golden dragon figure surrounding it, that belongs to Chun-nan. It is the village's most precious treasure and good luck charm, which the villagers believe has protected them from disasters. It serves as a mean of opening the temple doors to Chun-nan's Gaia Temple.



Created at some unknown point in time, Chun-nan's treasure came into the possession of the old villagers of Chun-nan. There, the treasure was passed down passed down from generation of villagers to the next for ages, where it was regarded as a good luck charm which the villagers credited for keeping their village safe from disaster.

At the beginning of Sonic Unleashed, when the Earth was shattered due to the awakening of Dark Gaia, the tremors created from the planet coming apart caused the treasure to roll away to the outside the village and was lost. The village elder Zonshen, however, went outside the village himself to find the treasure and bring it back. Under unknown circumstances, the treasure ended up in front of Chun-nan's Gaia Temple with Zonshen lying unconscious beside it. Both of them were later found by Sonic the Werehog and Chip, who were searching for Zonshen. After Sonic defeated the Dark Gaia Phoenix, Chip found the treasure and picked it up, but then used it by mere coincidence to open the temple doors to Chun-nan's Gaia Temple.

What happened to Chun-nan's treasure afterwards is unknown, though it can be assumed that Zonshen brought it back to the village as promised.


Chun-nan's treasure appeared only once on the PS2/Wii version of Sonic Unleashed, during the cutscene "The Divine Beast", where Sonic and Chip found Zonshen before being attacked by the Dark Gaia Phoenix. Instead of using the treasure to open the Gaia Temple, however, Sonic and Chip used a Planet Tablet given to them by Zonshen.

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