Quotation1 Bonded character has a better chance of hitting targets in battle. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

Churdle is one of the common Chao that can be found only in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.



With a typical appearance of regular Chao such as Cheese, Churdle is an aquamarine colored Chao with light-blue spots on its hands and feet. It has green eyes and dark-green colored wings. It has a pink colored head-orb.


If equipped with a character, Churdle will boost up the chances of hitting an opponent better than when not being equipped with Churdle. The Chao can be seen floating by the a selected character if it has bonded with the character. It can be used by all characters in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.


Level 1 +1 Attack
Level 2 +2 Attack
Level 3 +3 Attack



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