The Circus is a minigame that appears exclusively in the Wii U version of Sonic Lost World. In the Circus, the player launches characters into the air in order to pop as many balloons as possible and collect as many Rings as possible. Circuses appear on the map as yellow and red circus tents, and once a Circus has been played, it disappears from the map. More Circuses can be unlocked by collecting Red Star Rings.


In a Circus, the player must pop Balloons (which release animal friends) and collect Rings within a time limit, by launching characters into the air. To launch the characters into the air, the player controls either a trampoline, a cannon, or a Seesaw (depending on which Zone the circus is in) by moving the stylus across the Gamepad screen.

With the trampoline, the player must bounce the character(s) off the trampoline. With the cannon, the player taps the cannon to shoot the character(s) upward. With the Seesaw, the player must land one of the characters on one end of the seesaw, which will throw the character on the other end of the seesaw into the air. When a character lands on the ground, that character will disappear and cannot be used for that Circus anymore. If all the characters land on the ground, the player loses a life, and the character(s) are put back in their start positions. The Circus ends when either the time limit runs out or when all lives are lost.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Circus Caravan Tomoya Ohtani 1:43
Circus Caravan


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