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Citizen Six (real name unknown) is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is an anthropomorphic cat that was trapped in Perfection and turned into a mindless drone in service to Citizen One until Sonic the Hedgehog saved him.


Citizen Six is an anthropomorphic cat with gray and white fur. His attire consists of a yellow jacket, a black shirt underneath with a giant red number six on it, gray pants, and white shoes.


Brought to Perfection, Citizen Six was brainwashed by Citizen One into losing his identity so he would happily obey Citizen One's strict rules in the Zone and keep him company.[1][2] Much like the other people brought to Perfection, Citizen Six spent his time counting the clouds and watching the grass grow until Sonic the Hedgehog arrived in Perfection.[1][2] Citizen Six attempted to welcome Sonic to the new Zone, but the hedgehog was not having any of it and attempted to escape, eventually leading to him being brainwashed.[1]

With Sonic seemingly now a member of Perfection, Citizen Six and the other citizens took him on a tour of the Zone, only to realize the blue blur was not brainwashed. With Sonic soon revealing the true nature of the Zone and Citizen One in his attempt to escape, Citizen Six was left free to leave Perfection after Sonic convinced Citizen One to make a Zone people would willingly go to.[2]


Citizen Six's true personality is left unknown due to being brainwashed. When brainwashed, he was very happy with living in Citizen One's world, and obeyed the laws of the Zone perfectly.[2]


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