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Sonic Adventure 2
City Escape

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City Escape
Sonic in City Escape
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Sonic Adventure 2


Central City

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Sonic the Hedgehog

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City Escape is the first stage of the hero story in Sonic Adventure 2 and is playable with Sonic the Hedgehog. This stage takes place on the streets of the capital city of the United Federations, Central City. This can be proven by the fact that the cutscene before the stage says, "Above the capital city," and G.U.N. soldiers in Shadow the Hedgehog mention Central City as being the capital. It also has a two-player battle mode.


Escape from the military pursuit

Sonic must escape from G.U.N. after being captured by them in the beginning. Sonic will start off riding down in the city using a metal board that he tore off the G.U.N. helicopter. After that, Sonic can then run off into town evading the numerous of G.U.N. robots that tries to take him down. Eventually, Sonic will be pursued by a large G.U.N. truck. Sonic will be safe as long he keeps running forward. Afterwards, Sonic can get to the Goal Ring to complete the level.

Collect 100 Rings

This mission is very easy due to the number of rings located during the first part of the stage. Also, there are few G.U.N. robots in the level that will cause Sonic to lose all of his rings. 

Find the lost Chao

the player must find Sonic's Mystic Melody before the player take a shot at Mission 3. Find the Ancient Ruin near the bottom of the building Sonic runs down. Stand by the Ruin and play the Mystic Melody to make a Spring appear. Use it to reach the first Pulley. Jump to the next Pulley and the player will be facing a Beetle robot. Use the Homing Attack, but hold down A button to get a high bounce off the robot. It's hard and, unfortunately, the player must do it three times. The third robot is a Spark Beetle and has a force field, so wait until it’s lowered before jumping at it. Grab the Swing Bar and flip into the air, directing Sonic into the alcove. The unhappy Chao will be glad to see the player. Mission accomplished.

Reach the Goal within 3:00

This is a very strict time limit to complete the stage. Sonic, for the first part, must avoid hitting any cars that can slow him down and use the ramps to increase his speed. Afterwards, Sonic must take off running and use any or all grind rails to increase his speed especially in the building with the stairs and two long grinding rails. Sonic shouldn't waste any time fighting G.U.N. robots and collecting power-ups. During the large run down the building, it helps to build up the Spin Dash and allow Sonic to roll down the building at greater speed. During the large truck chase, Sonic must simply evade any hindrances that can slow him down. There are no checkpoints in this mission.

Clear Hard Mode

Hard Mode isn't much different besides the increase number of enemies. However, there are two notable changes about City Escape in Hard Mode. One is that after the sliding part, the stairway is blocked off by a gate meaning Sonic must jump higher to grab a ledge and pull himself up. The other is that after the part where Sonic ran down the building, there are no longer floating platforms to jump on and Sonic must now Homing Attack a beetle and use the Light Speed Dash in order to get to the other side. Otherwise, the rest of the level is the same as in normal mode including the G.U.N. truck chase.



The game begins with Sonic the Hedgehog escaping from a G.U.N. helicopter, and now he must flee from the military organization's pursuit. He is accused of stealing the Chaos Emerald that Shadow stole from a national bank.

Stage Layout

City Escape has regular gameplay, as well as a brief boarding section in the beginning. The stage starts out with Sonic riding down hills using a flap he ripped off from a G.U.N helicopter similar to a snowboard. When Sonic gets off the flap, he is introduced to Omochao, a guide that helps you throughout the levels. Then after fighting many enemies and going down rails, Sonic is chased by a G.U.N. truck, chasing him to the end of the level until it crashes into a brick overpass, as Sonic gets to the goal ring.

Downtown Race

Main article: Downtown Race
Downtown Race

Sonic and Shadow in Downtown Race

Downtown Race is a 2-player stage in Sonic Adventure 2. Downtown Race is City Escape covered in snow. No enemies appear, though the usual cars are still there. There are also walls blocking the path. The Downtown Race is a race through City Escape on boards.

Level Up Item

The Level Up Item in this stage is the Magic Hands, found shortly after running down the side of a building. Sonic must already possess both the Bounce Bracelet and the Flame Ring to access it. You must find some silver crates (at least four), and use the bounce attack, then get it. When used, an enemy in close range to Sonic will be captured in a small ball, effectively destroying it. The ball can then be thrown at other enemies to destroy them.


  • The stage is based on the city of San Francisco, California. The reason it looks much that way is because Sonic Adventure 2 is the first game that was developed by the US branch of Sonic Team. Since the newly established division was so influenced by their headquarters in San Francisco, the level designers, Takashi Iizuka and Eitaro Toyoda, decided to make some of the levels as references to well known locations in San Francisco.[1] The other levels based off of San Francisco are: Mission Street (Mission Street is an actual street in the city), Radical Highway, Route 101 and Route 280 (the latter three were all based off of the Golden Gate Bridge).
  • This is the first stage in any game in the Sonic the Hedgehog series to have fully audible lyrics throughout the entire theme. In comparison, Speed Highway from Sonic Adventure was the first stage in a Sonic game to have lyrics; however, they are not very audible, and are few and far between.
  • In the truck chasing section, Big can be seen running along the right side of the last stretch of road before the truck crashes. He panics and then gets run over by the truck. This only occurs in the Dreamcast and HD ports.
  • When Sonic is being chased by the truck, it is most likely a reference to the movie Duel (1971), Steven Speilberg's first film where the protagonist is being chased by a menacing semi truck.
  • It is possible to reach the lost Chao in the third mission of this level without the use of the Mystic Melody by using Spin Dash tricks to roll up the face of the building in which the Chao is located.
  • In the cutscene before the level when Sonic escapes from the helicopter, the pilot identifies himself in military terminology as Sigma-Alpha 2, which translates from Greek as "SA2," the game's initials, despite real military phonetic alphabets (IE: NATO Phonetic Alphabet) do not feature Sigma to signify the letter 'S' as rather it would be Sierra-Alpha 2.
  • In the Dreamcast version of the cutscene mentioned above, Sonic's model has his original shoes when he escapes from the helicopter, but when he jumps off of the helicopter's wing, he is somehow wearing his Soap shoes. In the game, Sonic wears Soap shoes in order to promote the product and the new extreme sport, freestyle grinding, that the shoes were made for. In City Escape, as well as Radical Highway, there were also many billboards, blimps, and benches that advertised the shoes.
    • However, all these advertisements were taken down and were replaced with Sonic Team ADs in the XBLA/PSN release likely due to licensing issues, Sonic still however wears soap shoes.
  • The ads below advertise a few objects from the Sonic universe, such as rings.
  • City Escape is a playable stage in the Dreamcast Era of Sonic Generations as a remake.
  • In the original Dreamcast version, if Sonic was going slow enough going into the truck chase part, when the truck jumps the street, Sonic must walk back-up the sloping street which forces the truck back up and then it crashes allowing you to continue the level at your own pace.
  • When Sonic gets to the Goal Ring, he is still in the city, so he hasn't really "escaped" yet.
  • The G.U.N Helicopter in the opening cutscene appears to be based off the Russian Mil Mi-24.
  • The beginning of the stage features Sonic stakeboarding on one of the pieces of the helicopter is similar to how Sonic skated in Ice Cap Zone (both the Sonic the Hedgehog 3 and Sonic Adventure versions).
  • City Escape is Sonic's only stage to have background music with lyrics.
  • During the level, the player can knock out several parked cars while running, sometimes even knocking down moving cars. According to the bonus video for the HD Version, this gameplay element was added in by the developers in response to frequently getting parking citations from the LAPD during the game's development.
  • City Escape is Jun Senoue's favorite stage from Sonic Adventure 2.[2]
  • One of the concept art depicts Sonic grinding down the rails of a bridge. This was never seen in the actual level, though it is not unlikely this inspired the rail grind segments of a stage in the same area; Radical Highway.




Advertisements and billboards


Escape From The City by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell (City Escape Theme)02:23

Escape From The City by Ted Poley and Tony Harnell (City Escape Theme)

The Mad Convoy Race by Jun Senoue - City Escape Theme from Sonic Adventure 200:50

The Mad Convoy Race by Jun Senoue - City Escape Theme from Sonic Adventure 2


Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - City Escape - Mission 1 - A-Rank04:03

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle - City Escape - Mission 1 - A-Rank

Sonic Adventure 2 HD - Steam PC 1080p City Escape03:29

Sonic Adventure 2 HD - Steam PC 1080p City Escape


Sonic Adventure 2

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