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City Escape
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City Escape (シティエスケープ Shitiesukēpu?) is the fifth Stage in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. This Stage is part of the original stage from Sonic Adventure 2, featured in the Dreamcast era.


City Escape's design remains loyal to its original counterpart albeit with an updated and more-detailed appearance like most of the other Stages in Sonic Generations. City Escape Act 1 features a remix of Ted Poley's and Tony Harnell's song Escape From The City. There is also a modern mix for City Escape Act 2, which sounds similar to the original.

Like in the original Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, there is a giant GUN Military Truck that will chase the player and which the player has to avoid. During Classic Sonic's act, the G.U.N. truck chases him throughout most of the level, making it the main focus. When playing as Modern Sonic, the truck has three buzz saws on the front that he will have to avoid.

This is the only Stage in the game where Classic Sonic can obtain the Skateboard power-up.

Red Star Rings locations

Act 1

Red Star Ring #1 At the start, jump on the rail and get to the higher rail. Don’t hit the Gun Bot. Continue up and hit the yellow spring. Stay there and follow the path which will lead you to few houses that you will be forced to grind down. You will find your first ring here.

Red Star Ring #2 Look for this ring during your second encounter with Gun Truck. Race ahead and you should see it floating above some enemies. Take out these enemies and jump to reach it.

Red Star Ring #3 After the checkpoint and some Gun Truck action, you will find yourself running down a street with red hoop flying. Jump into these hoops and jump on the rail to get this ring.

Red Star Ring #4 Spin dash and jump at the ramp. Get to the higher path off the first ramp and do it again off the second to get this ring.

Red Star Ring #5 Look for this ring in the big area with all the breakable platforms. Watch out for the evil Gun Truck that will keep trying to run into you. Race up and quickly grab the ring before these platforms come down.

Get all the rings above and you will unlock Board Master skill. It gives you a skateboard to use it when you want.

Act 2

Red Star Ring #1 Tricky ring to get and involves choice. There are two rings on the two ramps of the boarding section. Head down until you come off to the 2-landed widespread area. Hit the ramp to get the ring.

Red Star Ring #2 After getting the first ring, turn and make your way to the right side of the road. Hit the ramp and quickly jump off the next ramp. Aim for the ring by holding B/Circle button.

Red Star Ring #3 You will get this ring when you move through the lower paths. It’s on one of the platform over a pulley. Do a quick jump to get this ring.

Red Star Ring #4 When you run down the building, keep an eye above. Jump off the ramp and off the pole at the Blue to get up to the platform. Home attack an enemy and get pass the balloons on top of a platform.

Red Star Ring #5 You will get this ring during the Truck Chase scene at the end. After four turns, stick to the left side and look for a small life in the pavement leading to the higher ground. Keep boosting on the straight path to get this ring.

Get all the rings above to unlock Quick Slide skill. It enables you to quickly step on the board.

Challenge Acts

Act 1

Act 2





  • In the US, its gameplay trailer features an instrumental version of "Na Na Na", from the rock band My Chemical Romance.
  • Several instances of the modern version of this level are directly linked to the original level. For example, the trolley at the end of the street-boarding half, the area directly after the street-boarding area, and the columns leading up to a tunnel with a Gun Beetle is still there with only slight tweaks.
  • Fang, Bean, and Bark all make cameo appearances on Wanted posters in this level, while Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel appear on posters that say "Missing Since 1993". There are also posters that say "Chao in Space 2", just like in the original City Escape, with a Chao and Chaos as Perfect Chaos on the poster, which is different as the original had Chaos 0.
  • Though this is the fifth stage, City Escape is one of the shortest stages in the game, despite the G.U.N. Truck chase section making up roughly one-third of the stage.
  • The G.U.N. Truck has been significantly amped up in the modern version. It possesses a sizable amount of buzz-saws protruding from its back, regularly smashes through entire buildings and traverses rooftops in pursuit of Sonic, and even possesses rocket boosters to allow it to fly and even chase Sonic across vertical walls.
  • This was the second stage to be revealed in a trailer for the game.
  • In the modern act, Sonic rides a snowboard. In the original level, however, the object he rode on was a flap he ripped off of the G.U.N. helicopter.
  • The ground in the classic level is mostly flat, where the modern and original level has a rather vertical, San Francisco-like landscape.
  • Playing the Time-Attack mission for Act 2 will reveal that exactly half of the level is comprised of running away from the G.U.N. Truck. This is because boosting is used for the whole section.
  • If one gets a speed shoes on Act 1, the song's lyrics will not play.
  • In Act 1, Sonic used a skateboard at different points of the stage while in Act 2, Sonic used a snowboard that was only used in the beginning of the stage.
  • There's a poster that has Mighty and Ray saying "Missing Since 1993". Ray has been missing since 1993, but Mighty has been in Knuckles' Chaotix, which is from 1995. This poster is likely referring to SegaSonic the Hedgehog.
  • The Classic theme has some elements from Endless Mine Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog 3.
    • In addition, the modern theme contains partial elements of "It Doesn't Matter" (SA2 version).
  • Throughout this level, there are a few stores named "Vector's Deli", which are a reference to Vector the Crocodile.
  • A billboard advertising the Chaotix Detective Agency appears in both Acts of this stage. It states "Are you sure you want to know? - Chaotix Detective Agency".



Sonic Generations City Escape Music (Classic)02:32

Sonic Generations City Escape Music (Classic)

Classic City Escape


Sonic Generations Music -City Escape Gun Truck Chase- (HD)01:20

Sonic Generations Music -City Escape Gun Truck Chase- (HD)

GUN Truck



Sonic Generations City Escape (Classic) 1080 HD02:07

Sonic Generations City Escape (Classic) 1080 HD

Sonic Generations City Escape (Modern) 1080 HD02:42

Sonic Generations City Escape (Modern) 1080 HD

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