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Clive the Donkey from Sonic the Comic #86. Art by Carl Flint and colouring by Gina Hart.

Clive the Donkey is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was a grey donkey and resident of the Wood Village Zone.


Clive was bullied by his fellow villagers and called a wimp because he was interested in technology instead of sport. Using the parts from an old Trooper that Sonic had once destroyed, he made a suit of armour for himself. Disguised as a Trooper, he tried to teach the villagers a lesson by demanding extra "tax" payments for Doctor Robotnik. The plan backfired when one of the villagers, George, sent word to the Freedom Fighters that a Trooper was terrorising their village, and Tails arrive to stop him. Clive tried to outrun Tails in the woods, only to run into an actual Trooper patrol. Trying to flee the patrol, he was cornered by Tails, who discovered his disguise and forced him to admit the truth. However, before they could return to the village, they were both captured by the Trooper patrol.[1]

Tails and Clive were herded into a shuttle and shackled to a wall with electric cuffs. Using a screwdriver that he always kept for emergencies, Clive was able to free them by accessing a wall panel and shutting off the power to the cuffs. However, in the process he accidentally shut off the power to the entire ship in which they were travelling, causing it to crash. Tails saved them both by flying to the ground. Clive regretted that he had caused so much trouble from dressing up as a Trooper in the first place, and Tails convinced Clive him to return all the money he had stolen. When the villagers learned how Clive's ingenuity had saved the day, they found a new respect for him.[2]


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