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The map of Club "Rouge".

Club "Rouge" is a fighting arena in Sonic Battle. It is owned by Rouge the Bat.

This is where the player can fight Rouge in Story Mode, located in Night Babylon. The stage is designed with a casino and pinball theme. Four walls are located around the middle area and a bumper-like table can be found in the center. Flashing lights and buttons can be seen on the ground.

Rouge's Episode

Club "Rouge" first appears in Rouge's episode. After Rouge "kidnaps" Emerl, she brings him to the club in order to train him to become the "ultimate robot thief". During Emerl's stay at Club "Rouge", the bat trains him with tests such as KO'ing a Guard Robo five times in a set time or not taking damage in a set time. After she feels that Emerl is trained enough for a theft, she takes him to a building in Emerald Town for his first heist.

Amy's Episode

Amy comes here to fight Rouge, after Rouge had stolen Emerl from her. She fights and keeps losing but continues to fight until she passes out.

Shadow's Episode

Shadow's Episode starts of in this location, as he was brought here by Rouge so that he may rest.



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