Quotation1 Dark Gaia's energy gathers around Sonic. Sonic can now chain together more attacks! Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Unleashed[1]

The Combo Level Up is an ability that appears in the PlayStation 2/Wii version of Sonic Unleashed. It enriches the skill moves for Sonic the Werehog, allowing performance of bigger combos.


Combo Level Up is unlocked after the player gathers 1,000 Dark Gaia Force Orbs on the Orb Result screen. When obtained, it allows Sonic the Werehog to use up to five combo attacks in gameplay rather than three. This allows more Dark Gaia Force to gather around Sonic and more different and versatile skill moves to be used in combat


  1. Official in-game description from the Orb Result, Playstation 2/Wii version

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