Quotation1 Opponents becomes out of control for a given time. Quotation2
— Description, Sonic Rush[1]

Confusion[1][2] is a recurring Item Box power-up in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. Exclusive to multiplayer, this power-up scrambles an opponent's controls.


Item Boxes that contain Confusion depict the icon of an exclamation mark.

This power-up only appears in the multiplayer of the respective games it appears in (referred collectively to as "Battle mode"). When the player obtains Confusion, the opposing player's character controls get scrambled, making it harder to steer their character. This way, the player can gain the upper hand against the opponent in the Battle mode's races. After about ten seconds however, Confusion will wear off.

Game appearances

Sonic Rush

Confusion first appeared in Sonic Rush where its icon was colored green. Whenever the player obtains Confusion, a blue and white speech bubble containing a ripple appears above the opponent (who is displayed on the Nintendo DS' touch screen) for as long as Confusion is in effect.

Sonic Rush Adventure

In Sonic Rush Adventure, Confusion's mechanics and overall purpose have remained the same as in Sonic Rush.



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