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Coral Cave

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Coral Cave (コーラルケイブ Kōrarukeibu?) is the third stage in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is a formerly submerge sea cavern located west of Southern Island in Blaze's world and the former resting place of the Jeweled Scepter. Red Material can be earned by completing this stage's Acts.


Coral Cave is a cyan grotto filled with crystalline coral forming purple surfaces, white paths, intertwining crystal- and coral bridges, and pristine pillars. The bottom of the grotto is partially flooded. Embedded in the ground are colorful gems that constantly twinkle from the light columns penetrating the ceiling. Decorating the surfaces are various colorful coral clusters and crystals. Other features include clean waterfalls and abandoned mining equipment, like pulleys, minecarts, mineshafts with lit torches and moving equipment.


At some point, the Jeweled Scepter, a powerful relic from Blaze the Cat's homeland, was placed in Coral Cave for safekeeping.

Having risen Coral Cave from the sea, Sonic, Tails and Marine docked at the island to explore it, where they discovered some suspicious footprints, prompting Marine to rush in. Soon after, they found Captain Whisker and his crew as they were taking the Jeweled Scepter, who reveal themselves as the ones behind the hostile robots that the heroes had met on their journey. Just as Marine enrages Whisker, Blaze appeared to protect the Jeweled Scepter. However, both Sonic and Blaze are left surprised to encounter each other here after their last adventure. No sooner though, Whisker unleashed the Ghost Kraken on them.

While the Ghost Kraken kept Sonic and Blaze distracted, the pirates fled with the Jeweled Scepter, frustrating Blaze. As Sonic and Tails had Blaze explain the pirates and the scepter, they learn that they are in Blaze's world. After telling their story, Sonic and Tails join up with Blaze to get the Jeweled Scepter back, while Marine makes a scene to establish herself as the group's captain to Blaze.


An underwater-themed stage, Coral Cave has a few underwater sections, though they have no Air Bubbles, leaving the player at greater risk of drowning. However, the main gimmick of Coral Cave is the minecart, where the player rides a minecart through different sections. Towards the end of Act 2, the minecart falls into a dark, three-dimensional cavern where the player has to evade spikes and lava pits on the track.

Aside from minecarts, Coral Cave has other stage-exclusive gimmicks. These include wooden arms that will take the characters to another elevation in the stage upon running into it, and gigantic shards of green crystal which launch the characters in the direction perpendicular to the surface touched. The latter enables Trick Actions. Finally, there are rocks suspended on the ceiling with coral which can crush the characters should they land on them. Rocks held up by red coral can be knocked loose with attacks to the coral, while rocks held up by green coral fall down on their own.

In Coral Cave, the Bungee Rope gimmick takes the appearance of a huge mechanical pulley with a hook. Uniquely to these gimmicks, the player is able to grind on the first section of them, during which the player can perform Grind Tricks.


Main article: Ghost Kraken

The boss of Coral Cave is Ghost Kraken, a giant robot octopus. It can be fought after clearing Coral Cave Act 2. On the first time however, the player can only fight it with Sonic the Hedgehog.

In battle, the Ghost Kraken will use its tentacles to attack the player in different formations. It will also use them to corner the player within a certain area. Other times, it will shoot ink or submerge the entire arena. To defeat the Ghost Kraken, the player has to keep hitting its jeweled tentacle until it explodes.




Sonic Rush Adventure "Coral Cave Act 1" Music Request02:51

Sonic Rush Adventure "Coral Cave Act 1" Music Request

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Sonic Rush Adventure "Coral Cave Act 2" Music Request

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